June 3rd, 2006

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jonquil has opinions about children:

I see children as being like bamboo -- you'd better be damned sure you want 'em before you plant 'em

and also about Doctor/Companion relationships:

Doctor and Rose sitting in a tree
First comes love,
then comes [censored],
then comes nothing at all because the Gallifreyans have had several thousand years to think out the whole contraception thing, thanks so VERY much, and anyway Rose is nineteen and knows far too many unmarried mothers.

- in comments here. QWP.
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In which onthe165 cheers on a local girl:

can we please talk about how the winner of the national spelling bee last night was a girl from jersey? to that i say: HELL YEAH!

know i was watching that last night & cheering her on like nobody's business. the last word they gave her was so fucking out there, the crowd went "oooooooooh" in this holy-shit-she's-never-gonna-get-it kinda way. but she just spelled that shit. spelled that shit like it ain't no thang.

the word was "ursprache." i was good at spelling bees when i was younger... but nowhere near an ursprache level.
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The ever-so-witty lj_schwarzes_herz:

... She got all reactionary about it and went on a rant about modern sexuality and was all "get a dildo and look at Playboy sometime" as her suggestion for "getting in touch with sexuality" and "learning to admire and appreciate the female nude as a beautiful thing."

Isn't the latter kind of like telling someone to go to Pottery Barn to develop a love for ceramic sculpture?

QWP, but friends locked. That pretty much is the context though.
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not old enough

Over in note_to_muse, youraugustine complains about her muse's sudden interest with a certain type of girls:

Not a SINGLE ONE OF THOSE GIRLS was old enough for you. Yes, they were very shiny and pretty and all had nice breasts in good proportion to the rest of their bodies, and the one had a very nice ass. None. Of. Them. Were. Out. Of. Their. Teens.

. . . No, that does NOT mean "no bad habits to unlearn!"

Bush 1, Puppies 0?

What is going to take? Does he have to kill puppies on live television or something before people acknowledge that the man is someone you can trust about as far as I can hurl a Mack truck?

...or would he just weasel out of it by claiming that the puppies are godless, heathen, gay, terrorist puppies? Who support the theory of evolution, even!

karma_aster, in the comments of a public post referencing Rolling Stone's RFK Jr. Article on the 2004 election.