June 2nd, 2006

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As usual, Neil Gaiman says it better than I can

In a postscript to a recent blog entry, Neil Gaiman notes:
According to the Bureau of Homeland Security, New York Has No National Landmarks That Might Interest Terrorists. "That was a key factor used to determine that New York City should have its anti-terror funds slashed by 40 percent--from $207.5 million in 2005 to $124.4 million in 2006." The official list omits..."The Empire State Building, The United Nations, The Statue of Liberty and others found on several terror target hit lists. It also left off notable landmarks, such as the New York Public Library, Times Square, City Hall and at least three of the nation's most renowned museums: The Guggenheim, The Metropolitan and The Museum of Natural History."

I keep finding myself wondering whether there's a little footnote in the report somewhere explaining that New York did once have a National Landmark, but some people flew a couple of planes into it.
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In a discussion with fmh, sexyscholar theorizes why there's always so much food at the dinners in the Great Hall at Hogwarts:

sexyscholar: Well, they'd have to have a lot of food...Dumbledore is SO a weed fiend.
fmh: Yeah. At the head table, there'd be Doritos and M&Ms and Twinkies and lots of Sprite. And he'd be going, "Kinda dry in here, isn't it?"
sexyscholar: I bet you...in his chambers, he's got the Goblet of Fire. And he's using it as the biggest bong EVER.
fmh: He invented the Goblet of Fire. It was his senior year project. With an endless supply of gange.
sexyscholar: If you take off that little hat, you'll find two joints, a nickel bag and cigarette papers.
fmh: And you know everybody else at the head table is like, "...fuckin' hippie."
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Indescribable horror.

"I am wearing orange and green camo, and I like it that way. Thank you, Forever 21, for understanding that sometimes, a girl just needs the capacity to vanish without a trace into the nearest pumpkin patch. For reasons other than being consumed by a giant demon pumpkin."--cadhla here.
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On things that go thump in the night

kugelblitz writes amusingly of a running mishap:
. . . In this particular case, the One encountered The Kneehigh Berm, which was near the Steeply Pitched Lawn covered liberally with the aforementioned Wet Grass. So the One went Ass over Teakettle down the Steep Pitch and slid a bunch for dramatic effect. No harm, no foul, One got up and ran a total of two eleven minute miles with a few brief breaks to dodge Telephone Poles looming into view after being blinded by oncoming car highbeams, the Carnivores that live near the Sheep Field and the Infernal Tricycle which lurked a bit up the street, not to mention that one neighbor that way is either dead or in Timbuktoo because his driveway has about thirty rain sodden New York Times covered in blue plastic. A veritable Cornucopia of After Dark Delights.

My body is telling me this morning that the Falling Down part of night running is not a good idea for certain older Ones. (OK enough with the capitals now) In a very direct and unsubtle way, using blunt trauma feelings and "this muscle is inaccessible at this time" messages.. . .
The rest of the post is also amusing and written in similar style, but that's the part that set me to guiltily laughing.
deelieboppers sharpened

On websurfing records as law enforcement tool

My own web browsing history includes lots of pages on computer security, searches for info on the Asian Bird Flu, a list of the best places to see moose in Canada, and instructions on how to build a trebuchet. If I'm going to be tried, I'd rather be tried on what I've done, and not because some idiot read that and decided that I was planning on launching computer virus-infected moose into Detroit.
-badmagic, responding to a defense of a Justice Dept request that ISPs retain surf records for future possible use by law enforcement.

From this post full of disturbing links.
OH NOES!!!!!!111

slothel recounts what he dubs a "food incident" at a kim chi restaurant...

Okay, I don't love this stuff, but it's not horrible.
The texture is really weird. It looked like little twigs, and it feels like them, too.
I wonder what this is?
Am I eating insect legs?
*leans closer to bowl*
They're green. Little green sticks.
The taste is changing. It's almost a little....fishy. Definitely don't like that.
Well, that's odd. All of the little sticks have a little stripe down the side.


SAUCE: http://slothel.livejournal.com/713524.html
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"My favorite part is how she starts it with 'Oh'.

Start it with 'oh' and then you're just cunty.

I don't even know what she meant. She's all 'Oh...those Russian children. People didn't know who I was, then I helped a Russian child. Like mah jacket? Want mah bodaaay? Trimspa baby!'"

edible_complex replying to this post on ONTD about Mischa Barton's comments at a charity benefit for terror victims.