May 31st, 2006

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erica_offbeat, here:

Dad decided not to take classes over the summer, opting instead to get a job for some extra money. And he recently got hired ... as a pole inspector. So, casually, I asked if he could get me Ron Jeremy's autograph.

apparently, he meant
telephone poles.
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Six degrees of GAY SEX.

Also if the sexual orientation of Kevin Bacon is in question, may I refer you to a certain Hanes underwear commercial featuring the man himself getting all six of his degrees into Michael Jordan? Tell me that ad is not about two lovers. Go ahead, try to convince me. You know you're wrong.

-deputay_jane, here.
I gots the boobies


"Iconmaker, O iconmaker! Wherefore art thou iconmaker? Deny thy tutorial and refuse thy program; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my hate, And I'll no longer be a standee. © 2006 analyze cooperations of infrigment rights."

-- analyze, QWP from a locked post in iconrants

random - this too shall passs

stoichiometry is made of awesome ... and scared of racoons ...

I wasted about an hour tonight contemplating what it would be like to not fail physics this quarter. Because of this, I almost missed the 11.59p deadline for the online homework. However, because I am made of awesome, I finished two minutes ago.

I also went running/walking tonight, what the hell. I can't remember the time I exercised, because I've just... never needed to. It was murder. I gave up on my pathetic little jog after about two minutes and resigned myself to walking/skipping/stopping to throw stones in the ocean/being scared by albino raccoons.

Context is the new black. However, black is friends locked.

gaara_shinobi's bad_sex

A couple of days ago, my fiance and I are just about to get down to business, sex toys and all ready to go. We're getting into, I'm getting close to orgasm...All of sudden, the fiance freaks out and just kind of yells, "Get away!" and I'm confused, with a dildo stuck in me...

I turn my head and there is a 2-3" long cockroach sitting on the pillow closest to me.


rollick speaks of the beginnings of a Chicago summer

There's a giant tanker truck parked in front of the building. It's inserted a humongous rubbery tube through the front door of the building next to us. As near as I can tell, it's a Noise Truck, and it's here to pump a large amount of incredibly horrific noise into that building's noise tanks to last them through the summer. I'm not sure what the going rate on noise is, but clearly the neighbors buy in bulk.

Context right here, in a public post.
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Blegh tongue

And you thought it was cockroaches that would survive.

I have this whole theory of universal destruction involving twinkies. The short version is, I think when a universe collapses there is this bit of indestructible evil left over (reference the burnt bit in the oven at the end of Time Bandits for a visual), that remains in the universe that follows it. Twinkies are soft and gushy now, but they will be the indestructible bit that we leave for the next universe when this one collapses. The bit left to us by the previous universe... is fruitcake. >:-)

(QWP from a friends only community, post found here. Quoted in full from onxytwilight.)
Artsy me - by Micha

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violetsocks explains why Dumbledore has more control over his phoenix than Xavier...

Dr. Xavier may have been able to move entire cities with just his mind, but only Prof. Dumbledore could make it tapdance and sing opera while sucking thoughfully on a sherbert lemon.