May 27th, 2006

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careena favours us with a song.

I'd like to sing you all a little song. It has absolutely no melody or rhyme, and it's called,

I Hate My Job Less Since I Got a Raise
Ooooh, I hate my job so much less!
I hate my job so much less since I got a raaaaise!
At times I actually even liiike it, even the messy menial boring shit.
Oh, it feels less like I'm wasting the fleeting hours of my youth...yay, raise!
(CHORUS) Raise raise raise, raise raise raise,
The hours go by so much faaaaaster
when your paycheque is no longer printed on chickenshiiiit! CHA!

Flocked post, quipped.
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wednesdayxadams has lots of bad_sex.

-Bad_Almost_Sex is nearly screwing a mechanical engineering major who is too inexperienced to operate a condom. (At least at this point I realized that sex was a BAD idea and didn't do it.)

-Bad_Post_Almost_sex is realizing that your sheets smell like Engineer.*

*A very distinctive odor that is some combination of Old Spice and cheap cologne (designed to cover up the fact that they never fucking shower), dirty hair, slight BO, and unwashed clothing.

The whole delicious compendium here, QWP.
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In this post regarding a particular performance of Peter Pan, mudron ended with this delightful snippet:

In return, I've bought Anne dinner and ice cream, which we'll undoubtedly comsume while watching all 18 hours of the new extended cut of Kingdom of Heaven aka Gay for God aka 300,000 Sweaty Balls on Horseback for Jesus.
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[HP] Percy/Lavender

The wonders of getting a new computer

QWP (but from an unlocked post) alice_and_lain writes an ode to her wonderful new computer.

O Computer! my Computer!
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more porntastic:
Rough files did shake my old 'puter's bootay,
And the comparison between summer and a machine
is silly, isn't it?

Is there anything more hot
than a 160G harddrive?
I think not.
It's hotter
than a hot-to-trot
bikini-wearing furry mascot.
(On second thought,
I'm sorry I sought
that image ew my brain has rot.)

(The rest is at the link. I'd post it here but I'm an html newbie and can't duplicate her poetry style *g*)