May 26th, 2006


The power Orlando Bloom has over my uterus:

A response from mearn4d10 to my post about having just received my copy of Kindom of Heaven:Director's Cut here:

"Splorch Shielding to Maximum, Captain!"

"All Hands, Brace...For Impact!"

*Trek-like falling and flailing around*

", Mr. Scott!"

"I dinnae know if we ca handle th' Speaceal Features, Cap'n! The shiealds 're at 10%, an th' lust capacitors 're overloaded!"

"Captain, sensors indicate another wave is rising form Central Florida."

"My God, Jim, she rewound Scene 37!"

*Klingon Moon Effect*

Brilliant! - Guinness

kelbelleh, on motherly wisdom.

My mother has always - my whole life, I think - told me that someone will come along when I'm least expecting it. I was in the shower last week and I thought, well, really in the shower is when I least expect it, so I opened the door and looked out to see if Mr. Right was on the bathmat. He was not (although odds are that would have been Mr. Plumber or Mr. Stalker instead, but whatever). My mother lies.

QWP from this locked post

On wack-hop and murder

"I hate Cowboy Troy. His is one of few talents – and I use that word broadly - which, if I had occasion to meet on the street, would not only tell him to his face how much I despise his work, but would further underscore by yanking his belt by its enormously large buckle from his pants and commence to beating him in and about the head area with until dead. I would gladly go to trial for the murder of Cowboy Troy. I would describe in intricate detail the number of times I imprinted his skull with the belt buckle and plead guilty with a smile. I would walk with my head held high into the arms of constables and down the halls of our worst prisons, beaming with pride at the experience of having rid the world of Cowboy Troy’s villainous existence."

scottwoods to blackfolk, QWP
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keep calm and run

Mel has a mini-rant about spoilerphobic PotC fans

however, on the other hand? if someone does spoil me? yeah, it'll kinda suck, maybe. but you know, I also know it's JUST A MOVIE. so also, I DON'T CARE. and will soon be OVER IT. because hey, you know what? I'm actually a fan of... Pirates. and that whole... piratey PotC thing. oddly, I am not solely a fan of plot twists. and if I were, I would not get my plot-twist fix from PotC. because ok. anyone who watches a DISNEY. SWASHBUCKLING. DISNEY MOVIE for the PLOT TWISTS can go get his/her BRAIN checked for shipworm.

meletor_et_al, context may contain spoilers for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, ;) public post.
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AYBS - Dancing Mollie

cmndrcuddles passes along an anecdote:

My niece, Candace, has a 2 year old daughter, Haven. My nephew, Bruce, is her stepdad- soon to be dad. Candace just posted this about Haven in her blog:

Bruce was talking to me about how he was fat and needed to lose some weight. Haven said, "Daddy why you want to be fat for?" Bruce said he didn't and he wanted to be skinny.... Haven said, "Daddy you are skinny!" Bruce gave her a big smile and said how sweet she was. Just when we thought she was giving a compliment she bust out with..... "You have skin all over you!" heheheh....I think this could have been her first real joke!

This f-locked funny brought to you by the letters QWP.
digitized worldview

Political News from the UK

"Speaking in the House of Commons earlier today, the Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that the Government is to extend powers of summary execution on the basis of blind prejudice to traffic wardens and lollipop ladies.... As part of the Total Obedience Bill 2006, the new Home Secretary, 'Dr' John Reid, will be given a shiny leather jacket and sweeping powers to ride around on a Harley Davidson motorbike brandishing a shotgun to deal with any would-be miscreants." - antipholus