May 25th, 2006

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An LJ Community in Hell?!!

Typical post: "Why did I unfriend you? Because you friended that demon Asmodeus, and he rips my intestines out with his pitchfork every time I walk past him! That's why I unfriended you!"

"So why do you walk past him? Are you addicted to the drama or something? Get a life!"


"Hey, someone's posting my PRIVATE conversations in public. This is like so unfair..."

- motherwell, here. Post is locked, QWP.
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pamphlets for everyone

From linaerys, on House and SGA.

Everytime I watch House I want to hand Wilson a pamphlet entitled "So . . . You're In An Abusive Relationship With Your Best Friend (On Whom You Have A Crush). How To Assert Yourself And Get What You Really Want." That got me thinking how many other people need pamphlets:

For the writers of House I have a couple:

- How Women Are Not The Devil: 5 Ways To Tell The Difference

- So . . . You Want To Write An Acerbic, Edgy Character: How To Make Him Interesting Without Resorting To Racist Stereotypes

For Elizabeth Weir:

- So . . . You're The Governor Of A Colony Under Threat Of Alien Invasion: Doing The Ethical Thing And Winning

- So . . . You Need To Get Laid: How To Put The Moves On That Sexy Alien. Yeah, You Know Who I'm Talking About.

For the SGA writers:

- Consistent Characterization: Just Because It's Sci Fi Doesn't Mean This Can Be Ignored!

- So . . . You're Thinking About Stealing A Plot From Fanfic: Body Swapping For Dummies

- Geeks Are Hot: Knowing Your Audience

- Not Every Civilization Is Westernized: World-Building 101 (Free Trip To India Inside!)

The comment and a little more can be found here.
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But what if they're Grail-shaped?

rachaelscorset brings the funny (and dispenses some domestic abuse) on behalf of A Certain Addiction Hobby:

Uh....yeah...I have a few scrapbooking things...

*smacks [boyfriend] on the head for laughing so hard in the background*

OK so maybe more than a few.

*smacks [boyfriend] again and yells "Look! I needed those alphabet-shaped brads!"*

OK, so I have a LOT of scrapbooking stuff, ok? Are we happy now??

agent may is unimpressed

Beware of basil

There is NO FINER headrush than taking a two quart jar stuffed with last year's dried basil leaves, pouring the entire lot into a big bowl and plunging your hands in to crunch the beejeezus out of them. The unleashed aroma will fill your lungs with joy and the scent will cling to your clothes and hands, making you irrisistible to lurking cariboukens, and any rogue pizzas loitering in the neighborhood.

--cocoajava is an Earth mama, lest we all forget. F-locked, QWP.

Now that's style.

Someday, I will have one of those suits. I will look sharp in that suit. I'll look so sharp that other people will cut themselves when they look at me. My suit? It will be so sharp that it inspires SPONTANEOUS FUCKING STIGMATA IN OTHER PEOPLE.

i_aldarion, QWP, from a locked post.
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