May 24th, 2006


Anytown, USA

cocoajava tries to appease a stalker in her comments:

*long-suffering sigh*

Fine, then. My cell phone number is (213) 555-1212.

My work address is:
Michigan State University
That Ugly Building
No, Not That One, The Other One.
Anytown, USA. 00001

My home address is:
Casa De Caribou
Behind the Trees
WATCH OUT FOR THAT TRUCK oh there's the driveway.
WHOOPS. Steep driveway. Sorry 'bout your fender.
BFE, Middle America. 00002

*nod* Hey! Everyone in England has addresses like this! I swear they do! Stuff like:

The Prostitute's House
Condoms On Thames
Eau-De-Chanel #93
Whoppershirefordham, UK
asoneill - Valentine's Sugar Bowl

sclerotic_rings Strikes Again!

After dealing with... sub-par correspondence from a sucky customer:

The next time you feel the urge to write correspondence of any sort, could you just settle for getting a Chihuahua, force-feeding it laxatives, tying three angry king cobras to its butt, letting it loose in a crowded shopping center at Christmas, and then taking photographs of the resulting carnage? I'm not much of a gambling man, but I'll bet that those photos would do a better job of describing your grievances than anything produced by you putting metal hook to paper. Thank you in advance.

The entire post is quite hilarious, and well worth the read. QWP.

Why Would Someone Hate Birds?

jestermephist enilghtens us...

I have a weird relationship with birds. They almost universally hate or fear me on sight, even birds that people say are friendly and "never react like that." I've been crapped on by birds outside, at friends houses, even in a cave once. I've been threatened and attacked by "well mannered" birds loose in peoples houses on numerous occasions. I've been attacked on farms by chickens and geese, and in the wild by geese, seagulls, and turkeys. I have even had a parrot die of fright when I walked by it in the middle of the night...

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Battling exams

dragonz has been having exam week...

Tomorrow. 12:45. Programming exam.

Then... then the horror begins! For on Friday I have the dreaded Information Technology exam... Oh, how I do despise thee, IT, my old enemy. We shall see who emerges victorious on this day! We shall see, indeed...

Away with me! To bed, to bed!


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