May 21st, 2006


Wouldn't all RIGHT turns make for a more subversive ad...?

tethers isn't so keen on automotive advertising in the morning...

What would happen if we made a trip and only took left turns?

"Tim, isn't this a one way street?"
"Yeah, so?"
"Well, I'm only asking because of the fucking DEAD END sign you just passed."
"Well, Sam, it's down to you and me, and I'm the one with the dull pocket knife."
"Haven't we taken this far enough?! Can't we just turn the car around, god damnit?"
"So which arm do you want me to cut off first, bitch? And where did you hide the lighter?"

QWP, no context beyond a well-put subject line here.
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[ichigo] Compromising my will

Ah, fanficrants...

On fanficrants, a poster makes a point on children stories and their villains, and how said villains would probably kill after the rape. A commenter left this(QWP):

Wouldn't Maury Povich be more likely? He's always having those "who is the father of your baby?" shows.

"Maury, I am not the father! I, Sauron, am too busy trying to get the One Ring to bother with some silly git like this one!"

"Are you willing to take a DNA test to prove that?"

"Ummm, hello, I'm a giant floating eyeball of mystic energy, old boy. I'm rather lacking in the flesh to have DNA."

Context is for the weak.
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"Truly, were are we headed when people approach subjects such as superhero comic book fancruft with less than the scholarly seriousness it so naturally requires?

If this degeneration continues, I can only fear that no-one will as much as raise an eyebrow when they see people slash in dark alleyways and write mindless squee-filled "Live Journal" posts without even an attempt at properly referenced sources. Mark my words." — marukka, here in this scans_daily post

It's the solemn, steeple-fingered Vetinari icon that really makes it, though.
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dk_valentine sez, on why we never hear much about Christ's childhood:

"And our Saviour didst speak unto the people, and He didst say "Daa! Na na na na na gach?" and didst tug upon His tunic and show his stomach unto his friends. And He didst reach for the lamp which gaveth light in that place, and Mary His mother spake unto Him "Eh eh eh eh! No!" and He didst make a mess of His swaddling."

Somehow doesn't quite convey a dignity suitable to God made flesh.

QWP from here.
John Wesley

I thought this classic example of scorn deserved a wider audience.

On the subject of the Da Vinci Code film, ladysisphus had this to say:

When I again got hung up on the ridiculous history and my geologist stepfather tried to give me a hard time about it, I tried to put it in terms of thriller predicated on the premise that the earth is hollow, and that everything you've ever been taught in your earth science classes is wrong and that there's a huge conspiracy of geologists to keep you from knowing that the earth is hollow -- and then asked him to take that one seriously. Bonus points for giving Tom Hanks' character some actual reasonable counter-arguments to Teabing's flights of fancy, and for not harping on the sacred feminine any more than absolutely necessary, but I still stand by my assessment that it's Jurassic Park for church historians.

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