May 20th, 2006


On the event of her husband buying coffee...

newsblues had this to say in a Locked Post QWP and in entirety:

Me (pleased): "You bought coffee!"

M: "Had to. Noticed that there were only a few grounds at the bottom of the bag. Suddenly, that scene from 'Godzilla' flashed through my mind...the scene where the baby Godzillas start to hatch and Matthew Broderick thinks they're safe as long as there are plenty of fish in the water. Then he looks around and screams, 'The fish! They ate all the fish!' "

Me: "Hahaha."

M: "No, seriously. No coffee, and you could make Godzilla look like the Geico gecko."

Undead Goldfish?

Any dream where I run off to London to marry my gay ex-boyfriend who has joined the military and is commanding a troop against a supernatural threat of undead which we apparently had to take care of in the end by teaming up with his brother, Ichigo, Sora and Riku, and a few random people whom I don't know but probably vaguely looked like people I know in RL, in a place where the only way to get through it was by re-creating lines of poetry written by the previous owner of the place from vague clues, all the while beating off being savage attacks by undead goldfish. . .

-harlecule is mildly confused.

Jung & Freud can't agree on the context:
Stock; Swings

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So in reply to this post I made about having taken a spider hostage, an Anonymous poster replied with something that is gold worth:

Dear Human,

We do not fear you, nor your Great Dragon. We approach our life of having eight legs, spinning webs for you to stick your hand in unexpectedly, and being generally creepy with the knowledge that someday the Great Foot will squash us flat. We do not fear death, and thus will not deal with the Enemy. Our brother knows what to expect, and will undoubtedly face his death with great serenity and bravery. Comrade Spider's sacrifice will be honored for as long as the Eight-Legged Army endures.

You shall not over come us! We are Legion! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

The Spiders

P.S. Watch your mouth, Human! We are Dangly Ninjas of the Night!
The New Evil.

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Not so much for the funny, but A-fucking-men to the sentiment.

Sayeth Mr. Flagg:

apparently ljabuse is getting upity

you are not allowed to have an offensive default icon ... fair enough i suppose
i'm surprised they let a lot of the pron0graphic ones exists. i assume they do because its too damn hard to eliminate them all

but apparently they have deemed breast feeding children as offensive

wtf is up with that???

anyone that is offended by a breast feeding child really really needs to pull their head out of their ass.

That is one smart monkey.
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illuminations has a few things to say about the Da Vinci Code controversy

This entire controversy thing just annoys me to no end because the book is fiction, my friends, and the movie is fiction and at most, you could call it realistic fiction. But bottom line, it's still fiction.

And if you're a believer in God, and watching the movie makes you stop believing, then perhaps you never truly believed in the first place.

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