May 19th, 2006


Obviously Floyd shed all over the bed precisely for this reason

"I put on a freshly laundered black shirt. It's pressed and neat and I'm almost out the door to work. I need one more thing though. I reach over the bed to my bureau and...ZAP! My shirt now looks like a fuzzy grey sweater and I swear Floyd is snickering to himself. Living with a cat really keeps one in one's place."

--dionethoughts, entire post, QWPOMGFBIKGB
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Man vs. squirrels and grackels

dreadmouse contemplates the interaction of humanity and nature here:

Nature seems to be bent on intruding itself into my civilized life lately. I evicted the baby squirrels from my barbecue last weekend, now that they seem to be big enough to survive on their own. They trashed my bbq cover and didn't even leave a cheque to cover the damages. Jerks. I'm never renting to squirrels again. Later that same weekend, I had to shepard a young grackel out of my furnace room, of all places. I have no idea how a bird managed to make its way into my house... I assume it came through a vent, but I don't know for certain. Fortunately, it was a very polite bird and took advantage of an open doorway to fly out of the house with nary a terrified bird crap or vicious eye pecking. So, grackels are officially welcome to visit, so long as they don't stay too long or expect worms to be served for dinner.
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Quizzicalsphinx "Of Gor"s a daily experience


I looked coldly at the Diet Coke can. "I will drink you," I said.
"No," said the cowering Coke can, "please do not drink me!"
"It is your nature and your destiny to have your contents drained by a thirsty caffeine-addict," I told the can. "Prepare to be so drained."
"No!" cried the Coke can. "I will never submit to being drunk from!" Yet in my masterful hands, the Coke can yielded its sugar-laced nectar.
"I have never felt so much a Coke can!" the Coke can whimpered.
"Burp," I said.

Context Of Gor (in comments).
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Drugs are bad, m'kay

First meta; from abandonedcouch in note_to_cat:

Dear Stoners:

Man, that guy at the head shop downtown wasn't kidding when he said that was "some dank shit right there." You beasts were trying to claw your way up my legs before I was even through the door.

Now, some rules about responsible nip use since Fuzz is a former abuser:
No fighting over the nip [Fuzz].
No attacking the human over the nip [Fuzz].
No backtalk with it's time to put the nip up [both of you].
No tearing open the nip bag and covering the human's apartment with suspicious-looking green herbs [Fuzz].
ABSOLUTELY no tearing open the nip bag and depositing the contents in the human's underwear drawer, causing her to be sexually assaulted by felines whenever she goes to visit her friends for weeks after the fact [Fuzz].
No operating heavy machinery while under the effects of nip; in fact, you shouldn't be operating heavy machinery PERIOD. [both of you]
And please, try to keep the drool down to flash flood level, please. [Squishy]

Thanks guys,
The Human

PS: People, if you want to buy some primo nip, check out your local hippie store. Fuzz and Squishy would back me up, but they're too busy rolling on the floor together.


I prefer Doctor Who anyway

My friends argue over what makes good sci-fi, here.

edwardrussia: Firefly was just Blake's Seven with better special effects.


jamesmcgraw: Yes, but achieving "better special effects than Blake's Seven" is surely a laudable achievement in itself.

edwardrussia: Any idiot who has money enough to use more than a black blanket and an egg-whisk could produce more convincing special effects than Blake's Seven. Whedon is that idiot.
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(no subject)

demiurgent, on the relationship between Jewish culture and the Bible:

It's like... the Jewish Bible (what Christians call the Old Testament, though there are the odd translation differences here and there) is the original D&D box set with the dragon on the front. Then, they came out with Advanced Judaism, and then Unearthed Seder, and a whole bunch of the Complete Hasid books with different kits for being differentiated Jews, and then the Reform movement came along and released Judaism 3.0, and the Conservative movement released 3.5, but the Orthodox movement's all "no way, we're going to just use the rules in the Cantor's Handbook and the First Edition Rabbinical Master's Guide" and so on and so on....

QWP, source here.
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Sionnain has an interesting view on gardening

QWP, flocked:


I have a Darwinian Theory of Lawncare. May the strongest plants survive! I have no need for weakling plants. If the weeds win, well, then. The weeds it is. We cut the grass (er, Eric does) and he even planted some shrubbery (the Knights Who Say Ni were hvaing a sale) and, well, I find yardwork and landscape horrendously dull.


Live, or die. The choice is yours. I am like God in the Deistic (or is Transcendentalist? Whatever, I never could keep all those straight, thank you, Thoreau et al) sense in that I am there, but I have removed myself from your existence. Flourish if you will, the onus is upon you. For I shall watch your struggle with very little interest, and then go back inside where there is air conditioning and no bugs.

And ion_bond replies with a classic response: Ah, Seedlings in the hands of an Angry Gardner.
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Location, location, location

My older brother, foodephile, finally got a livejournal to showcase his way with words. A recent commentary:

Apparently there is an indeginous tribe in Columbia (the Nakku, I think). They are currently in the process of relocating. Their only prerequisites are "nuts, monkeys and water". Its all in the Times today. I say this is a perfect opportunity for HGTV to make a "House Hunters"-style reality series-- "Jungle Buyers"--"The water and the monkeys are nice, but we were somewhat dissappointed with the nut selection that this particular jungle had to offer. We will keep it in mind but we would like to keep looking." Welcome to civilization, boys.
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On the other hand, Jon Ratzenberger is sure to be in it *somewhere*

Pixar's Cars is coming out in a couple weeks.

ON THE ONE HAND: It's Pixar, and therefore has a high probability of being quality.

ON THE OTHER HAND: Known sex offender, war criminal, radical terrorist and general supervillain Larry the Cable Guy provides the voice for one of the characters. THIS IS ALMOST TOLERABLE ON ITS OWN, but in at least one ad spot I've seen, his throbbing, malignant impacted tumor of a catchprhase- "GIT-R-DONE!"- is clearly audible.

A tiny, innocent part of my soul just died because I typed that.
-shax is somewhat conflicted about this film

Context just got its learner's permit:
words - recreatonal uses

We don't need no stinkin TiVo.

scary_lullabies on television:

I only watch tv late at night when the only commercials they play are the ones for phone sex lines. As opposed to all other advertising in America which is like, "WE'RE NOT SEXING YOU UP, CONSUMER!! WE MIGHT BE SHOWING A LESBIAN ORGY AND SUBTLY SUGGESTING THAT IF YOU BUY THIS KIND OF CAR TIRE YOU MIGHT GET TO JOIN THEM, BUT WE ARE IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM SEXING YOU UP OR BRAINWASHING YOU!"

Also that's when the really interesting movies are on SciFi. I watch them muted and make up my own dialogue. :)