May 18th, 2006

It's The Rebels

Mod Work, New Rules, and Democracy.


If you check the comm info, you will see that we have a team of moderators; while we do have some long-standing posters who often like to act as though they are backseat moderators -- and to a certain extent, we appreciate the self-moderating qualities of this community -- jumping on a poster and telling someone to FIX THIS (especially in accordance with the newly clarified Rule 9) when there are plenty of mods who are around to do that job is not appreciated and will not be tolerated. If you're on the mod team, you know it. If you're not on the mod team, don't act like it, because not only do we not appreciate that, if the behavior continues, your ability to continue in that behavior will disappear.

Secondly, while we do appreciate feedback and do take that into consideration, metaquotes is not a democracy. When the newly clarified Rule 9 was rolled out, it had already been discussed extensively by the team of moderators on the modcom; as a result, while thoughtful feedback may very well be taken into consideration if and when the unlikely circumstance arises that we decide to revise Rule 9 yet again, this is not something on which people get to vote. We're not electing a new rule; the new rule was already set by the mods when it was announced. Once again, extensive arguing on something that's already set is only going to annoy us as a whole. It's not going to change anything.

Thank you for your kind attention. We now return you to your regularly scheduled humor generally regarding menstruation, buttsex, and/or fandom-of-choice.

hey moon sticker

On villains

pandemoniachick responds to the albino-hype of The DaVinci Code:



Context here, QWP even though the post is public.

And please note, comments may contain spoilers.
Great balls of... tentacles?

(no subject)

spleeny responds to the CDC:

Hello. My name is Nick. And from this day forth, I shall consider myself pre-mpreg.

Starting today, I shall not smoke, drink, or stand near cat poop not because those are all good ideas for my own health, but just in case an abomination to nature occurs and I - either through mad superscience or magic - end up with a fetus inside of me.

I have to think of the hypothetical baby, after all.
buttercup gone wrong

In re: whiny bands

ooshiny writes in reply to her post:

He [Chris Martin from Coldplay] and Radiohead's Thom Yorke will someday get together and splice their genes into a whiny, retarded, super-villain. You can quote me when it happens.

I already did, baby. I already did.

ETA: posted w/ permission.

I've been peeing in the dark, looking for the answer?

aecyko suffers her own rendition of Are You Afraid Of the Dark?, college-style. QWP.

"Last night, all the power on campus was shut off from midnight to 7 am. I expected it to be really super creepy because 1) there's no one on campus, 2) it would be really super silent, and 3) with no lights on, it would have to be really, really dark. Well, in reality, they didn't shut down the power until 12:20 am, while I was in the midst of frantic aim conversations to calm my fears. There are generators all over campus, and I didn't even take them into account. So, my hallway was still lit up, and outside was reasonably undark. Plus, Rick called and we chatted for about 20 minutes, discovering that as soon as the power went out, the first thing we both did was go pee. Hey, I did not want to pee before it happened and have it happen WHILE I was peeing. That would be a little scary."
Stock; Swings

(no subject)

There are these two guys on my bus ride to the Metro who have the greatest conversations. There was this great one about sharks I've mostly forgotten, but today's was great. They seem to be in a band and are writting songs:

Guy #1: We're a serious band, you know.
Guy #2: I know.
Guy #1: So you see why you can't write songs about lumberjacks.
Guy #2: What's wrong with lumberjacks? Lumberjacks are serious.
Guy #1: No one writes punk songs about lumberjacks.
Guy #2: You're the one writing songs about pirates.
Guy #1: Pirates are cool. Pirates have history and stories.
Guy #2: Lumberjacks are cool.
Guy #1: No, they're not. Pirates have peg legs and metal hooks.
Guy #2: Lumberjacks have chainsaws. And they could have peg legs.
Guy #1: They don't have peg legs.
Guy #2: The chainsaw could be attached to their hand. Like Evil Dead.
Guy #1: Those aren't lumberjacks. Those are lumberjacks from the depths of HELL.
Guy #2: Real pirates didn't have peg legs and metal hooks.
Guy #1: Next you're going to tell me they didn't have parrots or wear girly shirts. Blouses.
Guy #2: Lumberjacks are cool.
Guy #1: Yeah, all right. Is your next song going to be about the Forest Service?

Meanwhile, it was all I could do not to start humming the Lumberjack Song.

-evadne_noel, right here. The post is worth the read.

In which samethreechords rethinks his future in politics.

samethreechords: Why I would make a terrible politician:

I'll be on the congressional floor to debate a bill or something, and all I'll be able to come up with would be "Oh yeah? Well, at least my name's not 'Byron'. Why don'tcha take that back to North Dakota to suck on, bitch?"

asd109: You'd be a great politician in the UK or Australia. They love insulting each other on the floor.

samethreechords: See, here, that exchange would probably just end with "The floor no longer recognizes the esteemed gentleman from Florida" and I'd have to say something like "Oh, snap, bitch got told."
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jolieperruche on the joys of cycling

"I have a homocidal bicycle..."

"So you have a homocycle?"

"wait... no, it's actually a heterocycle..."

"but since your cycle is both homo and hetero, it is actually bi..."

"In essence, you have a bicycle... which we already knew..."


Can be found here. It is locked, but that's the whole entry and it is QWP.
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