May 14th, 2006

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[Edited 9:51 PM to assume you've heard of the Nexus.]

veetvoojagig took time out from hunting for the Planet of the Biros to report on a recent real-life sighting that makes em wonder whether Nexus LOL will now invade the Primary World:

So, the other day I saw a car wash that was named Nexus. Would anyone else be worried about sending your car through that? Can cars get sex-changed? Or would my Kia just turn into either an old station wagon or maybe a Mustang, depending on the whims of the LOL? Would there be future children of my car?

QWP, if "Oh GODS. That has NEVER happened to me before. *blush*" counts as permission.
I singa, opera


gruyere, talking about his upcoming presentation of a new musical theatre song...

(lyrics by me, music by [name], book so up in the air that the plot consists mostly of the phrase “hijinks ensue”).

Locked post, QWP.
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sayanora_snot, in response to the oft-repeated claim that greater acceptance for gays will inevitably lead to greater acceptance for child-molesters, writes:

That's like saying, "Now that being gay is OK, will poking people in the eye with sharp sticks be legalized as well?"

From here.