May 13th, 2006

On bum-wiggles and feline gaming.

rhapsodisiac brings the funny, even when doped up on every cold and flu tablet known to man:

Griever is feeling better already -- so much better he's taken to pouncing on my face. I know that bum-wiggle, and that stare, and it's pretty disconcerting to have it aimed at your nose. Jump-pounce-swat-swat-skitter-repeat.

I told him I'm gonna get him some kitty-sleeping-pills, maybe some kitty-tranquilizers or kitty-pot. Then he can get kitty-stoned and lay around eating treats out of the bag, playing kitty-o games like Feline Fantasy Tactics and Grand Theft Clawto and Spaylo.

QWP, AFK, TARDIS, insert exciting acronym here. Go on, read the entire post. You know you want to. Unless you don't. In which case you should do it anyway.
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