May 12th, 2006



In this post about colourblindness in mock_the_stupid: (QWP)

wednes: My fiance is colorblind, and I admit it took me awhile to figure out exactly how that affected him (for example, not asking his opinion on hair color shades). But I don't think I ever thought red and green just disappeared for maybe grass just looked like a black hole.

mathnerdguy: Better yet - he can see through grass and other green stuff! That's a cool superhero power. Colorblindman, with the ability to see through green things. Think of the possibilities!

r0x: "What do you think of my new green shirt Colourblindman?"

Bill the Cat. Ack!

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In a friend locked post, ginabunny gives an IM pervert his due. QWP

IM Pervert: is driving down a long stretch of highway, sees you walking along the side of the road..pulls up next to you..rolling down the it begins to rain..

IM Pervert: excuse you need any help? as the rain begins to soak your white tank top..

ginabunny: pulls out a sawed off shotgun and shoots you in the face, then shoves your bleeding corpse out into the road, takes your wallet, and drives off in your car, shouting triumphantly and planning a shopping spree.

IM Pervert has disconnected.
Adam Shades
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azrael316 gets a bit annoyed about some news [linked for context] this morning:

So, it stated with Skateboarding, progressed to Snowboarding and Bungee Jumping.

Then came Extreme Ironing...!

Now we have the latest in an ever growing list of 'Extreme Sports'!!!


The rules are fairly simple, either be really really young or really really old. Simple..

God, sometimes this country is just a god forsaken hell hole, but at least the weathers been nice.

Original post here, QWP.
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i bit them


r0x muses on the possibility of undead automotives:

Then I had this crazy thought about vampire cars. You can't see them in your mirror, you change lanes and then BAM! They hit you! They suck all your petrol! (Exgasinate?) I then replayed the image of me being hit by a car-shaped Bela Lugosi over and over until I laughed so hard I nearly hit an astra.

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Me: umbrella

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rhombal wins at life:

(From mock_the_stupid -- C&Ped directly!)
OP: "Better to rule in hell then to serve in heaven"... isn't that from Paradise Lost.
Girl: *roles her eyes* No. It says that the quote is from Ross.
OP: Right, maybe it's just an interpretation of the text but I was sure that Milton's Satan said "better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven".
Girl: I have read Paradise Lost twice now, it's in Middle Earth English and it doesn't translate to that anywhere.

First, the OP kind of fails, too. -- But that's not the main point. I mean. "Middle Earth English". Middle Earth English. Milton must have been Tolkien, sekritly. Either that, or Lucifer was an elf. That explains a lot of things, eh?

QWP, the entire post (which is quite amusing) is here.
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WoW-inspired new food sources

ursalav has had a brilliant idea for a new food source:
Last night, while playing WoW, with the help of my fellow weirdos, I had a brilliant idea.


I feel that undead are completely untapped as a food source. But all that's about to change! Once we've got unpig, we can have unbacon, unpork chop, unribs! Unham, unpork rinds, unkielbasa! Sausage!*

My diabolical plan is to market unpig as completely cruelty free. Since the unpig is dead to begin with, we will never have killed the unpig, we'll just have turned it. And by eating the unpig, you in fact free it from an eternity of horrific deathless suffering, therefore making every delicious bite an act of mercy!

I'm telling you, it's pure genius. And it's no weirder than the way they market BBQ around here--every single barbecue joint has a fiendishly leering pig, sometimes with a knife and fork, the quislings. We're just ripping the smiling mask off the BBQ world to reveal the grinning snout of...Unpig.

I should really make some bacon labels for this. (A fellow player suggested the WoW themed "Forsaken Bacon" which would be awesome, if copyrighted.) Available in Hickory Smoked or Ichor Cured!

Alas, time being what it is, this may have to join "My Totem Animal Is Roadkill" T-shirts on the pile of "Stuff in questionable taste that I still really want to do someday..."

*Pig, unpig, it's all sausage....
Choochoo Bear

The always quotable Neil Gaiman...

"I walked home across the garden last night singing very loud bear songs, which went something along the lines of, "Lalala, I am singing very loudly to alert the bear to my presence, Lalala because most of the websites I've found talk about making noise and giving bears lots of time to get away, Lalala also I do not want to startle a bear at all because according to everything I've read on the subject bears do not like being startled." You don't have to worry about rhymes with bears. They don't mind about rhymes. Or tunes. Or scansion. Frankly, hypothetical bears are a very easy sort of audience."

from here:
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omarius has a point.

And I love the way that point is made. Entire entry, QWP:
Yes, we are in the future
I saw this on [online company] today:

"Portable 5" Black And White TV With FM Radio..."

Who the heck needs one of those thi...

Tiny edit: I took out the name of the company, although it's in the original post, because that's omarius' journal and he can advertise if he likes but this is metaquotes and it definitely doesn't belong to me.

Ahh, finals fun.

fluffygremlin tried to help me with my english lit essay on Hamlet.

This was the result (mmm haiku):
Once upon a time/ there was some dude named Hamlet/ Hamlet was emo

Uncle kills daddy/ Uncle marries Hamlet's mom/ Uncle is pervy

Hamlet had a girl/ she was a psycho bi-atch/ always whined about things

Hamlet saw some ghosts/ tried to cut open his wrists/ killed the rest instead

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