May 11th, 2006

Shizu-chan and Celty-san

Breaking New Ground in the Realm of Political Correctness

Says vespurtine in an f-locked post, QWP:

...I feel so random right now. Which means the first thing that comes to mind is 'pickle'. I don't know why, it's always been that way. Every time I play a word association game, the first word I think of is pickle. When we played word association in drama, that earned me a you think outside the box rating. I think that might just be the politically correct way of saying ur batshit insane.

And I'm strangely comfortable with that.
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There used to be a billboard on Greenwood that read something along the lines of "One out of every five children is sexually solicited online".

I always wanted to sneak up there and tag it with "WE CAN DO BETTER! - MYSPACE"

gillen, on this hilarious post
HP Fleur

Why Can't the NSA Just Whine on MySpace Like All the Other Spurned Lovers?

baked_goldfish on the NSA:

"And wtf is up with the NSA logging phone calls from like millions of Americans? ...Government cannot stop you from dying. Honest. So why act as though their stalking you ('cause that's what it is) is making you "safer?" You are going to die anyway... regardless of whether the NSA is tracing your calling patterns, following you to the bus stop, or telling you that if the NSA can't have you, nobody will have you, and why don't you love the NSA, because the NSA just wants to keep you safe."

QWP. If context ye would seek, here be-ith the link.
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Doctor Who meta

In the comments of a time_and_chips post about the Tenth Doctor's characterization, nostalgia_lj makes the Ultimate DW Fandom Comment Of All Time Ever:

Asexuality has more gravitas than the Gay Agenda and the 80s. However, the chavtastic pseudohistorical of the TVM is less padded than the undergraduate S17 humour of the fact that the Doctor loves Rose more than anyone ever. Objectively speaking, half-human episodes need to be longer than 45 minutes, and Hinchcliffian gothic horror is less important than plot.

I'll get my coat...
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beer_baron80 reads his textbook, in a locked post (QWP):

In some cases, your software will contain mechanisms that enable you to enforce your policies. In other cases, you might have to compel your users to comply using other methods, such as gentle reason and logic, or failing that, bribes and threats.
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deelieboppers sharpened

Getting through the filters

I'm not some homeless nutcase with a sign; I'm a 6'8 white professional with $200 tailored shirt, silver cuff links and silk tie with a sign. And yeah, when people like me are protesting, things are pretty [f__ked] up.
-- cz_unit, reporting on passersby reaction to his one man protest in front of the White House, re new reports of NSA's domestic phone records database.

(Original did not modify f-word; replaced rather than lj-cut for profanity)
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It seems the Scientologists have...

...several tables set up outside of the Powell Street BART station here in SF everyday, manned by the same people. They've got the little e-meters and stacks of copies of Dianetics. I think every night someone just gathers it all up, book, meters, scientologists and all, and just packs them into a closet somewhere until daylight. Sadly, 3 of them are really pathetic looking little mid-20s hipsters. I just want to shake them and say, 'You'll never have enough annual income to go anywhere with this!' - avantard, here
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Anne Frank: Emo

liberateourtime scolds her classmates here at angryletters:

"Dear Immature Little Fucks,

Just because Anne Frank says that the female body is beautiful doesn't make her a lesbian. And even if she was, what the fuck does it matter anyway? Yeah, it's real fun to laugh at the girl who was forced into hiding and then died after being captured by Nazis because oh my God, she said that girls are pretty!

Seriously, people. It's not like she wrote,

"Dear Diary,

I had sex with Mrs. van Daan.


I'm going to go cut myself.


P.S. The Nazis came today. More on that later."


No Love,
mitten pope!!!

a description of finishing a final

Visualize myself and Rene Descartes as convicts in a prison shower. I'm big and tough, whereas our man Rene is rather scrawny, as indeed were most people back in the seventeenth century. Rene is talking about God with some friends of his (our man found God in prison, along with the statement 'I am, I exist,' which I grant I don't dispute), when all of a sudden he drops the soap. In this allegory, the soap is Descartes' flawed understanding of the notion of infinity in his proof of God's existence in the Third Meditation.

You know what comes next. It is time, my friends. Time to unleash the rage of the righteous phallus of clever proofs that infinity must be visually indistinguishable from nothing.

--QWP from this locked post by nietzscheansmut
Public Relations Department

Oh noes! Some people dun like it!

leswamp has gotten annoyed with some people who take umbrage at what she posts.

She posts a small summary of the things she will do in her journal because, ZOMG! It's her journal!

She ends the list with this piece of wisdom:

"I am aware that there are folks on the intarweb who can't cope with my existence and you know what? That right there strikes me as being a tragic case of not my fucking problem."

So very very true.
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"so, every day, at least once a day, I piss on the face of a dead Russian, that only I seem to have noticed. never a dull moment in my life, let me tell you. I'm almost to the point of greeting him before hand. some day, some one , somewhere will figure out what the fuck is wrong with me."

from a public post by tragicwhore.