May 9th, 2006

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Chris to me, upon reading today's "Blondie" strip: "You know, sometimes you're a lot like J.C. Dithers."

I am not sure that's entirely unfair -- upon reading the strip myself twenty minutes earlier, I'd wanted to slap the snotty look off Dagwood's face and the impertinent remark out of his mouth -- but I hardly ever fly straight up out of my chair with steam coming out of my butt.

next on The X-Files...

septicidal writes:
I've been watching late, late night episodes of The X-Files on TNT, and the catch phrase for this next episode is: "Mulder's actions cause Scully to question his judgement." Isn't that every episode? Isn't that the entire premise of the series? Well, at least until those final seasons, when the entire plot just kind of spiralled into, "Aliens! Missing Mulder! Drama! Aliens! Where the hell is David Duchovny?!?"

But I thought Priests Could Only Use Blunt Weapons

"Now, please take this cloth and clean your blood off my sword.”

His older brother, Don, (the groom’s oldest), then comes in, looks at him, and says “What did you do . . . oh. What have we talked about regarding other people’s weapons?”

(Oldest brother is a Chicago police officer).

“But he’s a priest . . . “ says middle brother, “Why would he have . .?

“Because he’s also been a swordsman, and doesn’t keep dull weapons around.”
-firedrake_mor goes to more interesting weddings than I do.

Context is for the WEAK!:

what to do when it's too late for a midnight snack...

...according to the lovely and talented vixenesque93:

2:56 am: kitty wants attention.

Said cat proceed to nuzzle and meow at me that since I'm obviously not sleeping yet, I should be petting her. Constantly. So I cave and pull her into a hug, saying "aren't you the cutest little thing! yes I'll pet you and wuv you and snuggle you and-" at which point the cat pulls away, obviously deeming me to be psychotic.

3:00 am: same kitty comes back, wanting to know why I stopped petting her. Proceed to pull covers over head and hum a song about kitty stew until I fall back asleep.

and later...

6:22 am: Smoke has turned into not-so-small flame. Obligatory uttering of the word "FUCK!" while simultaneously turning off burner and looking for something to smother the flame with.

She never confirmed, but I'm wondering if she smothered the flames with the cat.  (Except we'd never do that because ZOMG cruelty to animals...)

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Yes, her. Yes, again.

ursulav really likes peonies.
    ...they're coy, sensual blooms, working the gardener up to an absolute frenzy of anticipation waiting, and finally, at last, they unfurl over the course of a few days, petals spread to the world, a sweet scent slipping out and drifting on the air, and you find yourself kinda wanting a cigarette.
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Because who would protest if they had too much stuff? Anyone?

An upswing in boycotting products and services and protests for better rights by union and non union alike California gave cryticalvision the most brillant protest strategy of all "Girlcotting"..

So looking at all this Boycotting led me to discover . . . Girlcotting! Yes! This is what we must do! A lack of buyers will not make prices go down. But if we were to go out and buy EVERYTHING, then the surely the prices have to drop! Think about it: A market is suddenly wiped of a product, and the demand is high for more. Prices have to be cut in order to meet the demand without delay. I bet if we worked hard at it, we could get the price of gas down to 70 cents, illegal immigrants could have the right to a free bathroom, and the unions would suddenly have phone calls from the government wanting to deal.

After all, women ARE the natural bargaining negotiators

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RP.w.p. Cause she rawks like that.
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Jon snicker

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atticuseden has fun with condoms, here. QWP.

after three tries, i have successfully managed to put one of these on my foot. hahahaha...condomsock.

...eww. condoms are full of slimy shit. this was a really dumb idea. BUT...well, at least now I know I can do it.
...put a condom on my foot, i mean.

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seated with candles

Oh Canada!

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triplee says: "Wow, I'm still in amazement. Here I am 27, and I've never really left the country. Sure, I've got some stories aboot our neighbors to the north, but really, Canada is just a cooler version of the U.S. with better beer, cleaner cities, and the metric system."