May 7th, 2006


After viewing the Kirk Cameron video...

The video is referenced in this post, for those of you who haven't seen or heard of it.  Premise is that bananas prove god exists because they fit perfectly in your hand (among other reasons).

Then I read this gem in the comments:
For every banana-fits-in-a-hand reference, there's someone else out there trying to cram a Chevrolet into their urethra. I don't give it much salt.

So yeah, first metaquote and all that.
Adeline makes Slade better.

Metaphors are fun.

From lord_dingsi's journal here , regarding his adoration for the second Corinthian from SANDMAN versus other things he used to enjoy, such as the DCU's Batverse, which I adore madly.

Let's assume that, metaphorically speaking, my obsession for a certain character equaled an obsession for certain porn.

Let me now compare some online friend's reactions in similar terms.

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No, I love Dingsi's metaphorical porn.

QWP, but permision was asked for via Y!M.
agent may is unimpressed

On academia

I'm supposed to be writing this essay about the theme of expatriation in modern art, and I chose Henry Tanner and Mary Cassatt to hit the double score for minorities in art prior to the 20th century. So I'm reading these books on Mary Cassatt and all I can think about through the entire thing is about how Degas and Cassatt were SO OBVIOUSLY FUCKING.

Fandom has ruined me for scholarship.

--skywaterblue, entire post.

Flower Power!

citizenjess and her Mother discuss Spring Planting. (F-locked, QWP)

With Mom, it is never JUST the one thing. "I think this year, I want
them to be organized by color," she mused. "That'll look nice, won't it?"

"That's boring," I disagreed. "What's wrong with letting them mix?"

"Maybe I don't want them to mix."

"Why do you have a problem with them mixing?" I demanded. "You don't
think the different colors BELONG together, is that it? You'd rather have
them in their own separate little pots, right?"

"Oh my God."

"Next you'll be telling me that they have to drink from different hoses
for their water-"

"Jessica, shut up."

No, but seriously, my Sunday is going to blow chunks.
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When math and poetry collide. . .

Annoyed with a glitch in LJ's code, which makes the text box in updates wider and wider with each autosave, I began writing in haiku. The following geekery/hilarity ensued:

Now the truth is clear --
"Quality horror film" is
An oxymoron.

However, I heard
Silent Hill had Boromir
appearing in it.

Even though I like
Sean Bean, I think he needs a
break from bad movies.

Haikus are great fun
They make everything classy
Even bad movies.

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There's plenty more where that came from. Plus, knowing my geeky awesome friends, more will get added on.