May 6th, 2006

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From inanna, on raising 'technically aware children':

You know you are raising Geeks when your almost-8-year-old tells you (in response to the question, "What are you doing back there?"):

"Mom, i'm getting buckled in while you boot the engine."
*shakes head* Yup... too much time around computer geeks will rub off on anyone :)

Original is here
Evil Penguin
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pregnancy thoughts

rmc28 as a great take on a momentous event:-

I'm beginning to think feeling the baby kick is like orgasm: it's impossible to know what it'll feel like before the first time, you know it when you've felt it, and if you're not sure, you didn't.

QWP. Full entry is here
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Questioning look

Got any jobs for this profile?

Wanted: Job for edallia

Qualifications: "I've got six years' experience in ass-kissing, sympathetic face-making, pretending to listen and feigning empathy. I'm equally adept at cleaning up customer-produced messes and explaining stunningly simple procedures to confused coworkers!".

The entire curriculum vitae can be viewed here.
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In an f-locked post, blushing_rabbit reveals her nefarious plans to catch a husband:

...The stack of envelopes then got passed over to one side where they reached my RealLifeHusband(TM). He saw Erica's envelope, looked at me, and asked me exasperatedly affectionately, "Who the hell is Binky?"

Which means that he was thinking about me. Which means that he loves me. Which means that it's only a matter of time before I should envoke Operation Cause Future Husband To Be Ridiculously Inebriated And Then Lure Him Into A Dark Room Whereupon I Convince Him That I Am Indeed Catherine Zeta-Jones Because He Finds Catherine Zeta-Jones Hot Though I'm Not Quite Sure If That's A Normal Opinion Because I Don't Really Look At Girls But She Did Always Seem Kinda Pretty Which Is Beside The Point Entirely And Then Marry Him Before He Realizes What's Actually Going On And Then Maybe Mace Him If Worse Comes To Worse. I will call the plan OCFHTBRIATLHIADRWICHTIAICZJBHFCZJHTINQSITANOBIDRLAGBSDASKPWIBTPEATMHBHRWAGOAMMHIWCTW. Ya know. For short.

[end transmission]
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Gollum - made of love

Het ships are actually yaoi! ...or something

So I was ranting on FFR about a fanit who ordered people to post a 'ship she didn't like (InuYasha/Kikyo) under the yaoi section. Kikyo is female. InuYasha is male. Yaoi is exculsively m/m. Her lack of sane logic was brainasplodey.

Then veleda_k relays a small short tale on a related topic that's priceless:

It reminds me of the time I found Jesus/Judas slash(and I liked it), and one outraged reviewer had exclaimed "Jesus and Judas were not lesbians!" And... you know, I had to agree.
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[dw] conspire to ignite

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animagiblender is doing a meme:

13. You have a time machine that will take you backwards anywhere from 1800 to the present. What decade do you most want to visit?
The immediate thought is the 1960's so I could be a hippie, smoke lotsa weed and play a sitar. WTF happened to sitar's? Everyone was going over to India, dropping acid, and making songs with them. And now, NOTHING! But I'd also like to live in whatever era would get me a maid and shit. And a manor. Damn, I'd like a manor. Be all, "OOOOOH, MR. DARCY!" and shit. That would be totally bitchin'. Corsets would suck, and everyone would be sexually repressed classists, but damn! I'd have a fucking MANOR!


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I like her boyfriend

For wishwords's boyfriend, mango = kiwi

I was reading my friends list and someone mentioned mangoes. I mentioned to L that I would love a mango. Shortly after that he comes in and proudly hands me a "mango" he'd found in his shop. I almost didn't have the heart to tell him it was kiwi, but I did for future reference. Then I quickly peeled and scarfed it down. Mmmm.

(qwp) <--- don't they look like speakers?
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