May 5th, 2006


How best to hate racism?

Cartoonist muskrat_john had some fun observations to share about his recent second honeymoon:

Saturday, we were at Trafalgar Square in London, for a big anti-racism concert that was headlined by Belle and Sebastian! Joy! Lots of little kids getting drunk. The theme of the day was "Love Music, Hate Racism." It could have been "Love Vodka in a Paper Bag, hate Racism." Apparently, a lot of the kids hated racism so much, they passed out on the steps of the Canadian Embassy.

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From elusis:

"Has anyone noticed the similarity between Bravo's voiceovers and a certain Sesame Street sketch?

Next Wednesday, on Bravo:
An all new Top Chef!
See the Top Chefs struggle as they try to
Cook and eat an elephant!
Next Wednesday,
Only on Bravo!

Yes, it is the audio equivalent of Grover's 'NEAR... far!!!!.... NEAR.... far!!!!' segment."
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still not sure how or why i found this entry ... but i did ...

random entry from name that made me laugh:

There is a restaurant in Philly called The Charthouse. I was in there once to wait while Jen filled out an application for a job. Of all the places that I have sat and waited while Jen filled out an application this is the one that sticks out in my mind. Why? Because of the barstools. I never understood barstools. It strikes me as idiotic to balance someone on a tall, rickety chair and watch as they try to maintain their balance as they get steadily more drunk. Maybe it is one of those things that appeals to those who are observing but refraining from drinking, I don’t know. What I do know is that my fear of falling is one of the reasons I tend to avoid drinking in bars. The Charthouse seems to agree with my humble opinion on the stupidity of barstools. Their bar has nice, short chairs that one could fall out of and not require hospitalization. Cheers to The Charthouse and all other establishments that realize that a drunk can make an ass of himself without any aide from the furniture.

chuck norris facts are played out but it's fun to laugh at tom cruise


In honor of the release of MI:3 and our favorite sociopath's return to the big screen I present, Tom Cruise facts. Blatantly and shamelessly inspired from Chuck Norris Facts but given a Scientologist megalomaniac flavor. I encourage you to submit your own Tom Cruise facts to this post. I would like this to usurp US Weekly as the definitive source of factual Tom Cruise information. Spread the facts and pimp the knowledge!

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P&P - Lydia | crack up

One for the old school Nintendo fans...

A question asked of emotivating by bitspike: In fifty words or less (or more), try to explain the real reason Mario and Luigi galavant across Mario World, and how Bowser's wallhax abilities were discovered. Essentially, a short prequel to Mario one.

emotivating's reply: You never saw the Mario movie?

It’s quite simple, really. Look at what Mario and Luigi are wearing. They’re obviously builders. In fact, builders who were contracted by Bowzer to build ‘Bowzer World’. Instead, they spent all of their time shrooming and were too stoned to build ‘Bowzer World’ properly (Would you be able to build while flying turtles were everywhere and army helmets walked about your feet?). Their foreman (that guy who throws hammers) was pissed. So instead, they built what they could in their oh so wasted state. They stuck pipes in the ground, random bricks in the sky, and dug holes everywhere.

Once they had finished building and came down from their mushroom high, they realized they hadn’t been paid. So that’s where the game begins. They’re trying to get their payment from Bowzer. But alas, his mushroom plantation tempted them before hand. So, instead of simply walking up the path and knocking on the door, they became lost in their hallucinations.

As for Bowzer, wouldn’t you be pissed off enough to develop Wallh@x if there were two stoned Italian guys running around your yard jumping on your topiary animals, smashing your turtles, and every so often, riding your dinosaur?
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LJ & Sponsored+ in 15 Minutes

azurelunatic sums up the controversy of the Sponsored+ accounts.

QWP, am surprised this hasn't showed up here yet. You need to read the WHOLE THING (it's kinda long) because it's all genius, but since I don't want this deleted - a portion:

Trolls Masquerading as Legit LJ Users: *have a field day*
Formerly Decent LJ Users: *start slinging nastiness too*
Sarcastic LJ Users: *mock the typical comments and nasty attitudes*
Old-School LJ User: "Let's just give ads to the slashdot refugees and the trolls."
Lots of LJ Users: "I love you."
bad fan fic sucks
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lesa takes issue with fanfic.

Fan Fic is not for everyone, I am one those people that is included in that group. I belong to a "House" Community...I don't remember the link to the specific post but someone had written about gay sex between House and Wilson. Now I don't have anything against gay sex really, it's just it was bad enough when "Brokeback Mountain" came out and I got ditched by Heath Ledger for Jake Gyllenthal, but COME ON!!! Not House and Wilson! Dammit, is Donal Logue going to be the only one left in my head?

I agree. Oh...and here's your stinking context.

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break_the_seal on coming home to find his female roommates mid-half-naked-pillow-fight:

I'm an old man.

I'm living with a bunch of attractive women and when I came home yesterday, their birthday present to me was to reenact a slumber party pillow fight.

My first reaction?
I told them they were going to catch a cold if they didn't put on clothes.

the reason it's funny - he's 25 ... and a full of sh*t. but that's beside the point. it was funny dammit. i laughed. pffft.

here's your context ... even though that was the whole post ...

My president could beat your president! Nyah!

caribouken and kentamundo, possibly two of the dorkiest wittiest guys in alla livejournal, are debating the merits of one American president over the rest.

caribouken offers this persuasive endorsement:

My vote would have to be for Harry S. Truman, since he beat Mr. Smugpants (aka 'Hang-Your-Head-Down' Thomas Dewey) in the 1948 elections.

Plus, he owned a haberdashery, an old-time shoppe which sold dachshund dogs with fashionable brown or black tweed coats. Semi-rich people who couldn't afford fox hunting would use them for hunting badgers. And everyone pretty much agrees that we don't need no stinkin' badgers.

He also confronted the Soviet threat to our turkeys by guerrillas, and used all his frequent-flyer miles to organize an airlift to kept the jelly-donut loving Berliners supplied with Hershey's chocolate.

He later went on to invent NATO and the Mounds bar.

The whole thread's a kick, and there's a hilarious description of EVERY US president ever, to provide starter fodder!
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A gem from laisha, quoted with permission

This is pretty much the entire post:

On my way to work, I stopped to use the bathroom in Clark. As I walk in, I'm forced to shove my way past a whole bunch of Sorority Girls (tm) who are all vying for the best mirror in which to apply their thirtieth layer of eyeliner. As I go into the stall, I hear somebody stage whisper "Oh my gawd, did you see her shoes?"

Now, my shoes are cheap Birkenstock knockoffs that are already falling apart. Deciding that the condition and cost of my shoes should be the least of their worries, I quietly extracted my mostly-full water bottle from my backpack.

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Ah, teenage romance.

gunderpants discusses those disastrous relationships from high school. (actual quote is in comments)

Or not: I think I might have avoided my 2nd crush on a guy ever had I actually listened to my friends' discussions about guys. Unfortunately, experience will tell you the hard way that an idiot who keeps bragging about his wonderful noble European blood and complaining about all dem immigants is someone whom the word 'crush' should only apply to if it's immediately proceeded by the words 'his skull with a hammer'.