May 2nd, 2006

Ororo Munroe


Unlocked post, QWP, in which my goofily brilliant roleplay buddies kali921 and angualupin engage in jealous catfighting over the furry blue hotness that is Hank McCoy. Original snarking occurs here, though Kali was kind enough to recap it in her own journal.

Actual textual catfight, replete with Capslock of Jealousy intact:

angualupin: Um, Hank? Could I have your blue furry babies, please?


angualupin: NICE TRY! I will kick your ass to the curb like Jeannie's going to with Emma once she gets back from whatever resurrection deal she's doing right now!! I will come down on you like the Shi'ar on Rachel!! I will make Cable going after Stryfe seem like a happy day with X-Force! HANK IS MINE.

Me: LISTEN, HO. Your punk ass claim is no match for my biopropelled Fists of Fury. Touch him once and I will open up a vacuum-sealed 6-methylglucoseospramine-3 canister of whup ass on you like Pockylips going postal on the X-Crew. Ya dig? Touch him and YOU DIE FASTER THAN TERTIARY CHARACTERS UNDER CHUCK AUSTEN, HARLOT!

Further crack in the comments here.
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A brief history of Bath.

chaosvizier, my good friend & co-moderator of the ljdq, recently went on a holiday to England. He's been writing a series of posts about his experiences there. Today's installment includes a summary of the history of Bath:

LOCAL PAGANS: Oooh, hot water comes from the ground! It is a divine miracle! We devote it to our goddess Sulis, who brings wisdom and health!
ROMAN TROOPS: What ho, this wellspring is indeed a wonder of nature!
LOCAL PAGANS: It is sacred to our goddess Sulis, who brings wisdom and health!
ROMAN TROOPS: Hmm, that is like our goddess Minerva, who brings wisdom and health. We claim this spring in the name of... *drumroll* SULIS MINERVA!
LOCAL PAGANS: *headcolumn*
ROMAN TROOPS: And now we're going to build a big-ass shrine, temple, bathhouse, steamroom, strip mall, brothel, and maybe a Starbuckus Maximus over there.
LOCAL PAGANS: We can't wait until you guys get angl0sax0red in a few centuries.
LOCAL PAGANS: Nothing. Hey, is Russell Crowe with you?

Original post here. If you check it out, be sure to read the alt text on the photos.