May 1st, 2006


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Over on Journalfen, gloria_mundi explains to the Americans why some people have their panties in a twist about "gay propaganda" in Dr. Who:

Both shows [Star Trek and Dr. Who], however, indelibly branded themselves into the country's conciousness, as something anyone of any age could watch and enjoy. In other words, family entertainment. And we all know how the conservatives see families.

This is the equivalent of Next Generation premiring and Riker and Wesley skipping through the corridoors in black leather.

QWP, link (link has spoilers for the new series)
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ellcee is more than a little frustrated with a certain comic's storyline...

I'm throwing it down, Johnston. Dancing In My Socks Guy is great and all, but I'm back and I'm gonna wipe the floor with your characters, this arc, and this strip. Starting tomorrow there will be a barrage of Fair-Use-Protected snark such as that of which the ancients once told and bards of olde once sang. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because I'm the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the valley. I can guess what f*ckery you're going to make of this and while I cannot stop you, I -- along with Katje -- can provide an alternate universe for those who seek shelter from your FOOBery.

Sonally - Good Sally! You Look Kinda Coo

Long time viewer. First time poster.

thenintengenius shows us all that anime is indeed an emotional force to be reconed with.

thenintengenius: Also, love the jab at the end about this being like "some kiddy cartoony western comic" as we all know that Japan is the sole bastion of serious comics about serious things for serious people.

jeffreyatw: But... but people DIE in Japanese media... with BLOOD! That's pretty mature and serious.

thenintengenius: Japanese cartoons have truly taught me how serious the world can be. For example, every time I hear that Racer X is indeed Speed Racer's brother, no matter how many times per episode, a single tear rolls from my eye from the realization that he, Racer X, can never see his brother, Speed Racer, again for he, Racer X, must go it alone and carve out his own path as Racer X (secret brother of Speed Racer).

Full story here.
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The ever-hilarious ernestinewalker loves her walk to work.

First obstacle is the back staircase. It's narrow and metal and this morning, wet ('cos it rained, not 'cos I randomly hose down the metal staircase). I call it the "You're the One That I Want" staircase, 'cos you point to the ground, say, "You're the one that I want!" and then you shimmy down the stairs as they sway in the breeze. The "ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" is purely involuntary.

The whole post is excellent. Along with the rest of her journal.

I swear! They're sending me a check any day now!

joetehpeacock welcomes another newbie to the internet in this post, and lets them know that Bill Gates has no intention of sharing his fortune.

Now, I am glad that you have found your way onto the internet. It's a pleasure to have you here. And I appreciate your attempt to foster your own greed by passing along a chance for me to do the same. However, I - and all the other "oldbie" internet users (we all chat in a chat room together called #oldFartsOnTheNet and I asked them, and yes - all 2 billion of them agreed) - would appreciate it if you would refer to Snopes when thinking about passing along any emails which offer free items or benefits simply for passing them on.

This is just a snippet, because the entire post is kinda long, but it's worth the read. QWP.

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As both an e.e.cumming fan and a stalker reader ofchaobell's LJ, I knew I had to metaquote her latest entry.
[edit: apologies, rich text is the only way to make it obey!] [second edit: For further clarification, this isn't QWP, since her comments are friends-only, and I, sadly, do not qualify.] [I'll stop with the edits now, I promise.]

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darqstar quoted a friend as saying:

"It's not that I believed God was watching me masturbate when I was younger, it's the thought that he was smirking at my technique that made me uncomfortable."


This is a link to his post -- sorry I forgot.

Quoted with permission of course.
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[Contemplation] Deep silent complete

And Edmund sold his soul for these?

"Turkish Delight is awful. It is the worst chocolate related item there is.

I HAVE some Cadbury's favourites left in my box of Cabury's favourites chocolates, but these chocolates are Turkish Delights and they are ALWAYS the last chocolates to be left there, always because they are awful, and gelatinous, and it's like eating a slug covered in chocolate.

They are sitting there laughing at me in their shiny little wrappers, mocking me because I cannot stand to eat them, yet the knowledge that there is chocolate in my presence, be it millimetres thin and surrounding a glob of gluggy vileness kills me. The fact this chocolate is uneaten is killing me.

I predict, by tomorrow afternoon I will be craving chocolate as though life will ultimately cease to exist if I do not find some, and I will think 'I wonder if the consistency of Turkish Delight has changed at all since I last tried it'. And I will eat it and be revolted, and then other one will be thrown out."

-shahani, who, I'm guessing, doesn't like Turkish Delights

hiverious is not ashamed.

18 year old males that look like me seem to have trouble buying happy meals, yet my dad doesn't =/

I want my Happy Meal justice NOW. Getting my happy meal isn't enough. I want an end to being asked 151 times whether or not I want to go through with my decision to buy the fucking happy meal. I ordered a fucking happy meal, I want that fucking happy meal!

OP here

P.S. I could never do that. Buy a Happy Meal, that is.
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