April 30th, 2006

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Food safety and kids

tamidon has realized that her kids have reached that awkward age when they need a little food safety guidance:

I must get more into food safety with my kids. They're making their own lunch these days, and this morning Adira asks if she can have leftover buffalo wings for her lunch. I mutter "sure" (still asleep) and off she goes. When I stagger out to actually drive them to school, I smell buffalo wings. I ask her and she says "I heated them up so they'll still be a little warm by lunch time"..yeah, and have a culture all their own, complete with literature and musical theater."
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Futurama Holophoner

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etcet wins at life in his remake of 'We Didn't Start the Fire' in this post.(QWP/open post)

F-list, stuff missed, my girlfriend just got pissed;
Daily recaps, wedding plans, deep thoughts found inside beer cans.

Games of Whist, Bill Frist, photographs full of mist;
Whining about a brand, quizzes how to find a man.
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Show, don't tell!

rianax wants writers to actually write about their characters.
    Telling me a character is fiercely intelligent does nothing. Neither is describing the insane devotion a pair has for each other. You might as well be pointing at the stump in the yard and yelling how it is a panty theif.
Fear Jayne's hat

My sister is occasionally funny, surprisingly enough.

My sister posted a picture she drew of "a unicorn with tattoos and perhaps fetal alcohol syndrome" which was a concept she culled from this Something Positive comic. It's called a rage-i-corn, and you should definitely go see it because amandathegreat? Damn fine artist.

The funny comes in the commentary:

terlogo: the tattoos are kinda too fancy and pretty for what I pictured. I was thinking more along the lines of the bad barbed-wire and tribal tattoos.

ladyzif: well no cause this way its a little like is a mylittle pony, those things allways had things on thier buts.

amandathegreat: Gahahaha. My Little Drunken Rage.
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