April 29th, 2006

OMGZ my job is, like, SO much better than yours!

From the ever-witty sage_grouse in brutal_honesty regarding a poster who believes her cashiering job at Petsmart is so much better than Yak In The Box:

HAHAH I know right.

"Omg you flip burgers? What a lowlife. I put hamsters in boxes, do you hear me? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

'cuz, you know, like, cashiering at a pet store is like being a CEO of a company compared to flipping burgers.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against working fast food or retail positions as a means for survival. Hell, I did it for seven freakin' years.

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Oh, fat white rapping man who hangs out on my corner in the morning, rapping, and being fat, I see you have decided to extend your shows to Saturday. Perhaps you have a job on weekends now. Is this because the employment that brings you to my corner during the week is not adequately supporting you, or your rhyming passion, any longer? Is your lyrical career not taking off as well as you had hoped? Does The Man not appreciate your fly raps in which you liken yourself to a dump truck, and talk about the "sick" amounts of money, and number of hos, that you have amassed? Do not worry, little snowflake, your time is nigh. They cannot keep you out forever. Some day soon, you will get your foot in the door, and you and your ill-executed facial hair will be the world's to behold on the promised land known as VH1 late night. Where you can be turned the fuck off.

Here. (With an earlier appearance by our intrepid, musically-challenged hero here.)
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To set things up, acetal went on holiday from New Zealand to Melbourne:

I walked into Melbourne airport late at night dressed all in black. Black pants, black dress shirt, black shoes, black trenchcoat, black fedora, black leather gloves. Not an eye was batted, even though I was basically just hanging around.

Today I wore business casual, no trenchcoat, no hat, no gloves, on a business-class flight and got checked for explosives and held up for questioning by Customs because I said I'd been away on holiday, not business.

_bounce_ replied in the comments to a previous post: And you're a terrorist when you're not dressed like an assassain? I love the logic there. :)

His answer?

Well it was probably more that I said I was on holiday but looked like I might've been engaged in illicit commerce. Which is obviously a far more worrying prospect than the possibility that I might set my shoes on fire.

First quote comes from here, the comments conversation is here.

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Keith Richards Hospitalized in New Zealand

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards suffered a mild concussion while vacationing in Fiji and was flown to a New Zealand hospital for treatment, a band spokeswoman said Saturday.

Media reports said Richards fell out of a palm tree and remained hospitalized in Auckland.
LMAO WTF?! Oh my god, I adore this man so, so, so freaking much. Drugs never killed him but plantlife will.

- grrliz, here
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Wii Wii!

bean_bunny is rather amused by the renaming of the Nintendo Revolution. The whole post is gold, but (edit) here's a brand new segment for you all because I really don't spend my time scouring my friends list making sure the community doesn't repeat itself, sorry about that ding, the post is funny, ok?:

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From darthparadox:

Today I learned another one of those valuable life lessons.

When you're on the bus of life, sometimes that bus has a corpse in a wheelchair on it, and the bus has to stop and wait for the police to come get the corpse off the bus. And you can either choose to keep sitting on the bus and waiting, or get off and walk on the sidewalk of life instead to get where you're going, which is generally the better solution when you don't know how long the police are going to take to arrive, and your destination is only another few blocks ahead.

Life is like that sometimes. But we made the best of it... Life gave us a corpse, and we made corpse-ade.

Context, but that's the whole thing anyway.