April 27th, 2006


no makeup!

jeejeen, on a feminist discussion about No Makeup Day (QWP):

Every day is no-makeup day for me, too! And it's come in really handy this term, because if I pull an all-nighter and then have to go out in public, I put on mascara and I look normal. Imagine if I already wore mascara??? WHAT WOULD I DO THEN?
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Why you should always be careful about password security

eye_of_a_cat, now a sober, respectable postgrad doing a PhD in Victorian ghost stories, turns out to have had a misspent youth:

My secondary school got new computers when I was 17, and told us all repeatedly and loudly how important it was that we changed our passwords from the default 'Password' (because Anyone Could Break Into Your Account If You Don't). We thought this was a bit of an overreaction (the computers had no internet connections, people didn't really keep anything on them), but also thought it was unlikely anyone would leave theirs as 'Password' after the third week of warnings. One of my friends bet me he could find ten people who had. Because of the way the account usernames worked, it was very easy to try the default password with random accounts, and indeed, at least ten people had left theirs unchanged.

We thought it would be, um, performing a public service to remind them to change their passwords. And that this reminder could take the form of a saved Word document titled 'READ ME NOW LITTLE PERSON' that was typed in 72-point font. And that it would be kind of boring to sign off as 'Another pupil'. So we invented a group of noncorporeal entities from another dimension that were caught up in the school's system by an evil spell cast by an intergalactic bandit masquerading as the music teacher, gave ourselves names, and left messages explaining who we were.

This was addictive...
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It's called "know your audience"

swwinchester replied to an apparent troll post with a pseudo NSFW user icon and seeming lack of typing skills to the techsupport community.

#3 : With the REST of the image you're trying to project on-line, do you really and honestly think anyone is going to notice random capslocking? I mean, let's do a reality check here. Your target audience is males aged 16-21, preferably with an IQ low enough to believe you're not a 14 year old guy out of Ohio who's deeply troubled by the dreams of men he has at night. You know, the kind of people who give the rest of the internet a collective migraine.

qwp, yadda yadda yadda
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HP - Ravenclaw Ego

the language barrier

ms_anthropy had this to say to/about irate ESL customers over in customers_suck:

I speak a smattering of some other languages, and I will bend over backwards to help you out and establish communication, but do NOT get your ass on your shoulder because I can't work out what you're saying. I'm trying, and I'm being sympathetic about it. And no, repeating the random vowel movement you're having over and over in an increasingly angry tone will not help. I couldn't understand it the first time, I can't understand it now, and unless I am suddenly magically visited by the Comprehension Fairy, who will use her magic wand to bestow upon me the gift of tounges, say halleleujah, I am not going to understand it the next seventeen times you scream it at me.

QWP, entire post is here.
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(no subject)

roseball is trying to get a company to design her kitchen:
Me: can I get an appointment for Monday?
Her: sure, in the morning or afternoon?
Me: afternoon is better.
Her: no, we can't do the afternoon.
Me: Alright, what about Sunday?
Her: How is 4 o'clock on the Monday?
Me: In the afternoon?
Her: Yes.
Me: That's great. So 4 o'clock on Monday. With who?
Her: No. We don't have anyone for 4 o'clock on  Monday.
Me: Alright. Then what about on Sunday?
Her: Esti can do it at 5:30.
Me: Is there anything earlier?
Her: No
Me: Alright, then 5:30 on Sunday.
Her: Do you want 2:00 on Sunday?
Me: Yes, that's much better. Who is it with?
Her: Who is what with?
Me: The appointment on Sunday for 2:00.
Her: We don't have anyone for Sunday at 2:00.
Me: You just said...alright, when can I get an appointment on Sunday or Monday in the afternoon?
Her: Sunday at 2:00 with Esti.
Me: Are you sure?
Her: Yes.
Me: Okay, so Sunday, 2:00 with Esti.
Her: Yes.

She spoke fluent Hebrew and English. I'm so confused if I should even show up on Sunday at 2:00.


From my dear LJ friend, _thiscorrosion_:

"Acceptable response to the question 'what are you doing for Walpurgisnacht?' does not include 'gesundheit!'.

Just so you know."

I think that one speaks for itself.
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From shivwuffy

I spend too much time online... I was reading newspaper article, First three words.
"MORE THAN THREE" Bolded like that at the start of the article.
My first though. "No dude, The expression is LESS than three..."


"MORE THAN THREE years ago..."

"Oooops..." *Facepalm*

quoted in full, context for the weak
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