April 26th, 2006


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I wrote the end of my fic today in the shower. Well, I actually had this whole epiphany thing, jumped out, grabbed a pen and went through page after page of a notebook like a hysterical idiot while my husband is watching me with interest...then curiosity...then thinking "Wow, she is one hell of a hysterical idiot!" 

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Easiest essay ever.

For those who aren't familiar with John Cage's musical masterpiece 4'33", it's four minutes and thirty-three seconds... of utter silence. Experimental piece, which you can read about here.

Anyway, lilykane, apparently bored, asks for sheet music for it, just to see how many get the joke. Several do, and give various smart-aleck responses of their own, but the winner on the subject is lorelai, who relates the following tale:

Just for further amusement, once I turned in a term paper on this piece. I stapled 15 pages together, the last one being a bibliography and the first being a cover page.

When I got it back, somewhere on the middle of page 8, my prof wrote "good point!" :P
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Gaiman Strikes Again

Here Neil Gaiman has some interesting concerns.

I just worry vaguely about someone needing to eat the things that are currently only on the hard disk, that I'll come downstairs one day to see my laptop broken open and stuffed with fennel and herring.