April 25th, 2006

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Memo to me: Kill major_thom4321 next time he tries to strike up a conversation with me that early.

In a conversation wife this morning while she is sitting on the toilet at 6:25am.

Me: Honey, don’t look like that it looks like you’re concentrating to hard.
Crevette: Don’t talk to me.
Me: I’ll make you a morning person even if it kills me.
Crevette: I hate you.
Me: I like it when you’re passionate about things, even if you passionately hate me.
Bear Nuts

More typo fun in fanficrants

chibi_murasala: *waves a pizze in front of nil_nova's face*

nil_nova: What's a pizze? XD

chibi_murasala: It's like a pizza, only it's lower in calories and tastes better. It comes in six flavors- chocolate, barbeque, milk, 42, elephant, and hawt buttsecks.

Personally, I think 42 tastes the best. Chocolate is just a little too sweet and elephant isn't my cup of tea. hawt buttsecks (no caps! remember that!) is pretty good, but you shouldn't have a lot of it at one time because it can shock the system a bit.

You need to work your way up from one piece at a time. :3 *nodnod*

Context may cause brain breaking
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eljobe is having a bit of trouble sleeping:

On my management team's continued urging, I am going to the Rest Assured Sleep Diagnostics offices in Cary to sleep on Wednesday the 3rd of May. They are going to put all kinds of monitors and things on me while I sleep and basically try to figure out why I can sometimes sleep for as much as 16 or 17 hours at a time. I can see the results of this study already: "Well, Pepper, we have determined that you have trouble sleeping when you are hooked up to all kinds of monitors in a strange location completely different from your home environment. Try not to do this in the future, and you should be fine."

QWP, and all that jazz...
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Something velocityofsound said in the comments of a locked post by smut_queen, qwp.

What's genius about American Idol is that they've managed to marry StarSearch with Jerry Springer. At least little girls watching across America are learning what eating disorders can do to your brain. I'm kind of waiting for the day Paula Abdul stabs Simon with her hair clip and then starts painting the stage with his blood. While Ryan scowls and tries unsuccessfully to cut to commercial.

Because, really. Aren't we all waiting for that?

Hee. velocityofsound always bring the funny, even when she's not trying to. ^_^
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the_paco is ambushed:

There is a man. This man looks like other men, in fact, he looks better than most men. He is smooth, he is funny, he is innocuous, and he goes where he likes. This man pays no taxes, pays no rent, and does no work. The only thing that sticks out about this man, the one thing that nobody can ever see is this:

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Context (though that's the whole thing).
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In this thread over in dnd3e, i_am_the_owl made an observation concerning our great game that I found particularly amusing, in an entry started to discuss the use of biblical passages as inspiration for D&D storylines.

I've noticed that most of Jesus' miracles are replicated by 3rd level Cleric spells.
</blockquote. Quoted with permission, and such.
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