April 24th, 2006

LJDQ on comic book death.

Question 5 on this week's ljdq raised an important issue for comic book fans:

After Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, Hank Henshaw impersonated the Man of Steel in what form?

"Has anyone ever died and stayed dead in comics? I've been reading comics since I was eleven, and I've never seen it happen." - cjtremlett

The debate rages in the comments.
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A bad idea.

tom_kiper chooses poorly:

Gobbling down liver pate that's 20 days past the "Best By" date is not recommended. For some reason my stomach said, 'hey, if it's past the sell-by then we'd better eat it all up as quickly as possible.' So I had a big piece.

Right now my stomach says, 'man... that was a dumb idea.'

Mostly whole post, that plus an extra sentence here.
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Wales: Where furniture counts, dammit.

The wonderful angualupin on national priorities and being homesick:

The news breakdown on the BBC website goes something like this:

US: Scandal rocks the White House! War gets worse!
UK: Debate over the future of the National Health Service!
Ireland: Devolution will continue once the IRA lays down arms!
Wales: Members of Assembly think their desks might be made of inferior wood.

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From baphometis....

"If you take hard alcohol and add a bunch of wormwood to it, and let it sit, the resulting product (with or without straining) is not absinthe. Even if you are wearing a metric asston of silver jewelry, and insist on wearing naught but the most darkly fashionable of black garments from head to toe, the resulting product IS NOT ABSINTHE. It is, at best, a tincture of wormwood.

So sayeth the grumpy Goat Woman."

Used with permission from this post.
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You know you've been playing Dynasty Warriors too long when...
You get up from it to make yourself a ten o'clock snack and realise it's gone half one. Then you drop a bit of butter by accident as you make the toast and your immediate kneejerk reaction is 'Don't go after it, it's an ambush!'
eurmalian, here, QWP.

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What's Japanese for "Hot Man Meat?"

meredith_eats unearths the mysteries of the Japanese language here [locked entry, QWP]

amalthya: Was there any sort of communication issue? I hardly imagine "fellatio" is in your standard Japanese-English dictionary

meredith_eats: Actually, fellatio is the Japanese word too. They borrow lots of words in English for things that their own language is inadequate to describe...which probably tells you something about the value of oral sex right there.
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Penises are so easy to overlook.

</a>moony_girl13 </span>is checking out the Troy section of fanfiction.net (friends-locked post, but QWP):

Hector and Andromache's daughter, Evangelia, had always put all before her country. Achilles had put all before his desire for immortality. As these two great warriors come together, will thier love survive everything? Even death?

Last I checked, 'Evangelia' was named Astyanax. She also had a penis.