April 23rd, 2006


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lauralyrics answers a librarian's most frequent question (entire post, QWP):

I was working at the circulation desk when a puzzled gentlemen approached and said, "Excuse me, I have a question. Perhaps you can answer it." I said something about doing my best, and he asked, "Can you tell me--is this the library?"

Ah, I said. I held up a finger. Clearly our clever disguise was not proof against your quick eyes. Rem acu tetigisti. It is no use denying it--those shelves of books are mere props; a secret lever located between the periodicals opens the door to our underground complex of rooms and passageways. Oh, this may look like a quiet study area, but really it is a hotbed of sedition and anarchy. Those students, over there in the corner, are not studying for finals; oh no, they are working on our latest project. And even I am not what I seem. Beneath this facade of librarianism--this meek demeanor, these glasses and comfortable shoes--I am really a highly trained master of...kung fu!

"Yeah," I said. "This is the library."
Treize glasses lol
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Ah, if only....

Bringing the lulz as always, maladaptive comments on my complaints about noisy neighbors:

Anyway. It should be perfectly legal to kill people who make too much noise. Especially right before finals. Being quiet will not kill you, and I sure as hell will. I fantasize about it. In my dreams, I have a super power, where giant railroad spikes burst free from the wall and hit the source of my irritation.

I should write a book about someone with this super power, and everyone's all "gosh, what an architectural fluke!"
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Zombies? Killer Bees? Nooooooot exactly.

And is it odd that I wish my brain was made up of wrinkly puppies?
--QWP from a comment on this post at baaaaabyanimals about Shar Pei puppies.


Before the movie's done
they'll spell a lot of words
this kind of thing is fun
to English-wonky nerds!

Akeelah and the Bee
Akeelah and the Bee
An independent flick
about a spelling-savant chick

--the_gneech about, well, Akeelah and the Bee, also QWP
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Sex and Kayaking

nobleplatypus was musing about how to respond to questions about the root cause of asexuality. Or one specific question.

But given that sex nowadays is largely recreational, you'd think a disinterest in sex would be equated with a disinterest in, say... kayaking. And if you heard someone wasn't interested in kayaking, would your immediate reaction be, "Oh my god, did someone beat you with an oar?"

Context is for the weak.
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ettikette's little brother wondered if queers existed in the 1890s.

And poliphilus gave us the facts on the matter: Of course they didn't have queers in the 1890s. Homosexuality still hadn't been invented even in the 1960s. Duh.

Homosexuality was invented in 1971 by researchers at the Bayer corporation, and after getting it approved by the FDA, they marketed it under the brand name "Geyitol". For a long time after it hit the market, it had been a popular illicitly-sold drug, often known by its street names such as "gay" and "queer"; since it was often smoked, the British slang term for cigarettes, "fag", also entered the US urban lexicon in association with people thought to habitually use gay. But after recent studies showed that it was not the cause of some of the physiological side effects previously associated with it, such as AIDS, as well as new evidence of positive psychoactive effects such as a great sense of style, the FDA rescinded Homosexuality's classification as a controlled subtance, thus making over-the-counter sale possible. Additionally, Bayer's patent expired in 1995, opening the door to generic versions. And that is why Homosexuality is on the rise these days.

QWP. Context.

Why don't you ask?

penpusher makes an important point concerning that whole “follow your dream” concept:
Believe it or not, people can dream without being specific enough! Wanting to play in a band is a nice dream. But not nearly specific. I mean, do you want Fleetwood Mac or the USC Trojan Marching Band? I guess if you're playing "Tusk," it doesn't matter.

QWP from a locked post.