April 21st, 2006


Don't tell anyone...?

jqsilver has possibly stumbled on a computer science conspiracy...

This morning, while working on a programming assignment, I sent the following e-mail. I believe it is self-explanatory:

I know you said we're not allowed to use the stl heap or queue, but whatabout the stl map? It's more efficient for holding letter-code pairsthan an array, and there aren't any algorithms involved in making one. -Andy

"stl" stands for standard library. Later today, I received this reply:


Please stop by tomorrow during office hours and
we can talk about this then. In the meantime, please
do not bring this up in class before then.


This brings images to mind, of our ensuing conversation:

me: You wanted to see me? About the stl map?
prof: How did you find out about that? Have you told anyone else?
me: Well, maybe. I dunno. They're in Perl as a specific type, only they're called hashes.
prof: Look, just, just don't tell anyone else, okay? I'm going to make some calls. Do you have a cell phone?

or possibly:

prof: Now, Andy, you're a good student, so I'm not surprised. I'm glad you asked me before trying something like this. You understand that maps are a dangerous business, I'm sure. You might think you can handle them, but lemme tell you, once you start down that path, it's a slippery slope.

Original post here, but that's pretty much the whole thing. QWP.
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The Torts Are Strong with This One

This Dude, what were you thinking?!? moment brought to you by cleolinda:
A print-on-demand publisher PODs her own work and puts it on Amazon. And Powells. And Barnes and Noble. There's absolutely nothing wrong here... except that "her work" is "an alternate-universe Star Wars fanfic." Shouldn't this be... you know... a major legal problem? "Yes, it is for sale on Amazon, but only my family, friends and acquaintances know it’s there." Oh! Well, then! Everyone knows that this completely negates any previous copyright holdings!

If you listen very closely, you can hear sort of a wah... wah sound--the sound of George Lucas's Sith Lawyer Darth Junction firing up the twin blades of his Mighty Mighty Lightsaber of Cease and Desist.

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sclerotic_rings gets tired of the new wave of witnessing over in customers_suck.

The next time I get one who won't get off the phone until I answer the eternal question "Have you accepted Jesus into your heart?", I'm within my rights to say "Sorry, but I sold the mineral rights on my heart to Nyarlathotep about fifteen years ago, and he's a bitch of a landlord."

Sorry, but I sold the mineral rights on the context...

Those Crazy Victorians!

tisana: "Hey, cut that out...it's not gentlemanly to sniff a lady's armpit."

deadwinter: "What? Why, in Victorian times, it was a highly ritualized method of courtship. The ladies would line up and gracefully lift their arms, like this...and the young men would sniff deeply and choose potential mates based on this. They had classes at school especially to prepare them for this important skill, they'd be able to determine much of a lady's diet and grooming simply by a sniff. It was a mark of refinement back then.

"Of course, they had to stop sniffing when they got married, and so desperate men would end up at sniffatoriums--scourge of Victorian London--just to be have access to ladies who had...fallen on hard times...and be able to sniff their pits. Of course, these ladies weren't as refined, and didn't have very good diets--often filled with beans and garlic, you know--so it wasn't as delicate an odor, and it was often an activity looked on shamefully...but these men were very repressed, you see..."

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Valuable advice from cadhla...

In this post, cadhla shares a real-world learning experience with the rest of us:

If, upon going around a woman who has inexplicably stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, you find that a blonde woman who looks vaguely familiar but isn't ringing any immediate 'I know her' bells is walking purposefully towards you, you may want to consider swerving, rather than matching her purposeful stride with her own. Because while yes, most people will get out of your way if you walk towards them in a brisk and purposeful manner, and yes, sometimes it's fun to play chicken with the populace...

...your own reflection is the one pedestrian who won't swerve before you do.

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Viva la MySpace!

astridempire33 says here:

One day a hacker in a Guy Fawkes mask will crash the Myspace servers and defeat the malevolent force that is Tom. On that day the sun will shine brighter and the birds will sing louder. Once again we will hear children playing and laughing in the streets, no longer will we have to worry about breeding a generation where everyone has carpal tunnel syndrome. One day we will be free.
Until then, comment on my pictures?
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brooklinegirl is feeling under the weather...
It's things like that that lead me to call Kev to whinge at him, like last night, and he is all, "well, do you have white spots on the back of your throat?" and I'm all, "okay, I can't tell, because I don't have a flashlight," and - seriously - he goes, "Well, what do you have that lights up - oh, I KNOW! Your ipod!"

"You want me to stick my ipod in my mouth to look at the back of my throat?"

Kev: "Yes!"

Me: "…how do you get the backlight to stay on?"

And then he stayed on the phone with me as I - yes - stuck my ipod in my mouth, and then said to him, "This is seriously the most ridiculous thing I've ever done in my life," and he says, "Look again!" and I say, "You are just trying to see how many times you can get me to stick my ipod in my mouth," and he says, "Well, yes," and people, my life is JUST THIS HARD.)

She also discusses the newly released The Sentinel season one DVDs.

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doctor who metaquotes = A+

A post in doctorwho speculates on the possibility of other Time Lords with titles that have been named after other academic degrees, just to go along with the names of the Doctor and the Master. All of the comments are pretty amusing, but arib's suggestion was my favourite (and is somewhat sadly realistic):

Maybe there's a fourth time lord called "The Associate," or "The Dropout."

Yeah, the Dropout would be one slackass Timelord, working in the Gallifreyan equivalent of McDonald's while trying to "get his band together."
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From the wonderful beow11, with permission:

Why, why, WHY is it that when someone sees you trying to read, they want to carry on a conversation with you? Isnt it apparent that the person would rather read than talk? This has gotta be the oldest annoyance in all of human history, In the dawn before time, Cain was contemplating the river rock. Then Abel came up behind him and wanted to blather on about grass or something stupid like that. So it was really Abel's fault. The First Annoyance. I bet nobody bothered god while he was trying to write the bible after that one....
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Evie, on the economics of getting one's groove on.

And my friend Danielle said something about going out to Jillians tomorrow night. She asked me if I wanted to go and my response was, "Not for $20." We went there for my friend Michelle's birthday in Novemeber and had free passes, but by the time we got to the front of the line, the time had past, and the damn price to get in was $20! And you had to pay like, $5 per item for coat check! Highway effin robbery! The club wasn't bad but shit. Not worth $20. I can turn on the radio and drop it like it's hot for free right here.

~~ ilovethebooti, QWP from a FO post