April 20th, 2006

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Hablo celebrity?

In this Metaquotes thread about the new Baby Cruise, filmbuff had this pertinent question about the poor tot's name (Suri):

In what language does it translate to "publicity stunt"?

To which jane_says replied:

... all of them. (¬_¬)

And they say that cynicism is dead. *laughs*

QWP, I hope.
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He shoots you dead and he eats your head.

pyat held a poll in his journal yesterday, wherein he asked how certain people felt about the Rapture.

Invariably, someone mentions Blondie, and so pyat makes sure to qualify this, as well:

Faith in the existence of Debbie Harry has never been accepted as a legitmate or essential element of Christian life by the various ecumenical and interdemoninational councils. Still, most enlightened modern Christians leave the matter up to the conscience of the individual!
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Outsourcing. Sort of.

Excerpt of a reply to an HR "records update" survey returned by mcroft:

"According to your email, I have employees reporting directly to me and you want me to log on to an HR system and verify information regarding them. If I were able to enter the system, I would certainly have nothing but good things to say about my Direct Reports. While all of their jobs were also eliminated, they were excellent workers and created value for the organization to the extent that they were allowed to. I would recommend them for raises and promotions if either I or they were still employed by the organization."

[the rest is just as good, and can be found here. QWP]

[sorry for the blated attribution]
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What is the Infinity Club, anyway?

After a shameless promotion of an Infinity Club event at my school, pinkngreen5286 brings on the funny:

The Infinity Club sounds like either a car club, or something really scary and math-cultish that would require me to recite the first 100 numbers in pi while standing on my head and drinking something representing the blood of... some old, dead mathematician.

also, it would require the sacrificing of english majors.
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Naruto - Teh AWESOME

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This quote came from a thread that squirrelarmy posted about the tween pop group, Girl Authority. While we were bitching at Girl Authority's fear of teh minorities (or at least, issues with brunettes!) I ranted this gem from the 'Parents' link of the group:

"Some are blonde; some are dark..." Here for context, to which squirrelarmy replied:

"HA. YES. Utter yes. "Oh, well, this is Sally -- look at her blond curls! aren't they darling? -- and Erica, our youngest daughters. What? Oh -- oh, her? She's our oldest girl, Mary, but we don't talk about her much. Well -- you see -- look at her hair.. She's -- well, she's a dark one. Like Satan. But in her hair."
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Bankrupt My Pants!

tattercoats asks, "Can we have an acronym for, 'been away, not catching up on the flist, point me at it if there's anything you need me to see'?"

fleetfootmike acknowledges with:
Which reads disturbingly like 'bankrupt my pants'.

[Note: this discussion is being had by people who live in England, where 'pants' means what 'underwear' means in the USA.]

The whole conversation can be found here, although context isn't really necessary.
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A very happy unbirthday to you!

After talking about various quirks of this particular day (April 20th), including that it's Hitler's birthday, chime goes on to note:

4/20 is also my half-birthday. If the year were a big circle (which it is, given, you know, the revolution of the Earth around the Sun), then 4/20 would be at the furthest possible point from my birthday, which is 10/20.

This can only mean one thing: I am the opposite of Hitler.

I already fulfilled part of my opposite-of-Hitler destiny by being accepted into my choice of universities, six years ago. I think the next step is creating 6,000,000 Jewish lives.

Jewish women, I'm gonna need your help for this one.

Unlocked, QWP anyway.
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QWP, from a comment thread over at fanficrants on things that are formed by a bunch of awesome molecules randomly choosing to clump together:

It's a little known fact that many things were formed in this manner. Axel. Sora. Riku. Roxas. The entire cast of Naruto. Reno from FFVII. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Remus Lupin.

You'd be suprised how many things are made of awesome.

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"We have no names, man. No names. We are nameless!"

spaz_own_joo channels Cereal Killer from "Hackers", here:

"we are sitting on a piece of concrete outside Andrew's apartment, tapping words into a laptop, and beaming them into your retinas through about 17 layers of data abstraction INCLUDING THE VERY OSCILLATIONS OF SPACETIME. Wireless internet is heroin; we're desperate and don't particularly care what it is or where it came from, as long as we can pick it up on the street, huddle in a corner and do our thing, that's where you'll find us."

QWP, though the entry is unlocked.

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ZOMG another Hitlar berfday post!

careena, here, comments upon crazy ol' Adolf's birthday:

You know my favorite thing about Hitler? The way he thought he was so cool, but now any random skinny, zitty high school kid with a computer can mock him for our amusement. "Ha, ha, I'm Hitler, I rule the world-- why is my stately portrait suddenly wearing a diaper? Ach, zee Photoshop!"

(Go to the post for more thoughts on it, including a wacky Photoshopped pic.)

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benponder in a locked post, QWP:

"God" is a top, this country is a bottom. God, represented by religion, has the united states bent over and while we (as a country) are supposed to be manufacturing goods, inventing new things, new ideas, new rennaisances... The country is too busy being held down and sodomized by this "god" character. More accutrately, the sodomy is at the hands (or something) of these people with the anti-gay/anti-abortion/anti-whatever-they're-told signs who are actually this god's semen. Llittle zealot sperm running all over the place with signs, driving pickup trucks and SUVs. Their little sperm tails look like yellow ribbons, and they swim around with this wild urgency, this need to "get there first", to be bigger and badder than all these other zealots. But where are they going? Beats me, I feel pity because "god" put them in the wrong hole...

Me: God is a core nation!

benponder: hmm... so "the kingdom of heaven" is not just some catchy dogmatic image... and to think what resources we are being exploited for is a truly chilling.

::head emits a loud crunching noise::

dammit, I wish I could learn how to shift perspective using a clutch...

(emphasis mine, on the part that made me pee my pants a little.)


slammerkinbabe is having an interesting day:

In the last ten minutes, I have managed to:

-Nearly kill Ariadne by attempting to return my La-Z-Boy to an upright position while she was sitting underneath the footrest

-Dump cat food all over the kitchen floor in attempting to fill the cats' bowls

-Break a lightbulb cleanly into two pieces, the outside (glass bulb) and the inside (wires and prongs), while attempting to change it

-Puncture a can of Diet Coke with a fork

-Dump half an ice tray full of cold water all over λ's head while trying to put said ice tray in the freezer.

For the record, when you puncture a can of Diet Coke with a fork, it really sprays! An astonishing distance, and in a perfect arc, straight across the kitchen.

At any rate, I think I should be kept isolated from society until I get over this fit of klutziness.
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septicidal misses ice cream...

septicidal (who is lactose-intolerant), responds to a post by pretzelcoatl:
When I saw the "Vermonty Python + Diet Coke + Sudafed" bit on my friends page, my first thought was "OMG! Why is my sister allowing any additional chemicals into her body!"

And then I saw the userpic. And realized that this was not my sister's entry.

And then I felt sad, because I am reminded that the rest of the world can enjoy things full of dairy-wonderfulness. (Sometimes, I just pretend that octarine is the only one, and that everyone else just ignores their existence and tasty nature.)

ETA: Additional context: "Vermonty Python" is a flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.