April 14th, 2006

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The True Meaning of Easter

zerotonin has a few thoughts on the holiday season:

These children have clearly forgotten the spiritual ideals which this great day celebrates.

And have cast the holy spirit out of their hearts for the fleshy pleasures of confectionery-based consumerism.

Easter is too commercialized.

So I say unto them, and unto you, and unto all who would listen: verily, verily, hast thou forgotten the triumph over the grave? Hast thou rejected the Holy of Holies whose rebirth we celebrate anon?

Hast thou forgotten Eostre?

The Great Goddess in whose name Easter is celebrated. She bested Death, that destroyer of worlds. And promised us resurrection in kind.

QWP. Read the whole thing, it's hilarious.
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sparklychibi hates vowels :(


And bribitribbit's mum pwnz @ hypnosis.

MOM: Now make sure you don't eat any of dad's candy--
BRITT: What candy?
BRITT: This candy?
BRITT: Mom--
BRITT: Mother. Your hypnosis skills suck.
MOM: I wasn't using hypnosis. I was using my Jedi mind tricks.
BRITT: Those don't work either.
MOM: How do you know?
BRITT: ...I'm not persauded.
MOM: Maybe my skills are just so good you think you're not persuaded when you're really not. You have no want for the candy at all.

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oh neil....

the ever wonderful Neil Gaiman today in officialgaiman

I see from this morning's papers that the world of extremely short tribute bands has been plunged into conflict as MiniKiss takes on TinyKiss. For some reason I like the idea of a battle between extremely short Abba tribute bands better, but that's probably just me.
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Found on kittenbreak in this thread:

flametails: first comment!
kernelpanicked: first reply to first comment
blossombunny: first reply of the first reply of the first comment
herekittykitty: Witty retort to first reply to first reply to first comment
_martha first comment with absolutely nothing interesting to say nor a witty retort.
orange852: First reply to first comment existing only to prove worthiness to hang out with the cool kids.
unnamed525: Baseless insult regarding not only you, but the entirety of your genetic predecessors for generations, ending with advice regarding how to commit suicide successfully.

(Reposted due to stupid formatting issues...wee.)
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The thing that should not be

_gerald on Saved by the Bell on Cartoon Network:
This is the show that DESTROYED A generation. Oh, Zach may have seemed like the cool guy who everyone wanted to be. That smile is that of the Morning Star, the Fallen One, Lucifer. Kelly and Jesse? Succubi (I could go into how this series was an attempt to set up Miss "Berkley" to be in a position to secude America... but fortunately the Free Masons intervened and Showgirls was a dud).

This show left a cancer on our souls that can never be removed, and, yes, it will only end in death.

This show caused TBS to spiral into a hollow shell of a channel. This is where the terrorists get their funding. You like Saved by the Bell? Then you're supporting terrorism. This show screwed Bret Hart. This show shot Kennedy. This show let Fascism and Communism come to power in Europe. A.C. was part of the Inquisition. This show was even in the Garden with Adam and Eve; we have here our snake. This show is all that is evil and wrong in the world.
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mike_smith discusses ancient self-insertion.

Oh, but this Gospel of Judas they finally translated, that's the real deal, the way the owner of my local comic book store tells it. Yeah, it was a big conspiracy by the Pope and the Illuminati and Freemasons to suppress Judas's scary awesome Gospel. It has nothing to do with the fact that it was all about what a great guy Judas was and how we should all like him now, because he was Jesus' favorite disciple, seriously. Not that I've done any homework on the subject, but the way I'm hearing it, Judas was the original Delusional Self-Insertion Ficcer. I hear he's got a submission on TMFFA where he moves in with Tenchi, befriends all the other boarders, and blows up all evil in the universe while they stand by and look impressed.

(Attend to the context.)
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A new shell, with all the perks

elfwreck's daughter asked for a new shell. Her father decided to comply.

"I worried that he'd acquired some godsawful foot-long conch shell, which we were supposed to keep the kids from breaking on our cement floor.

He showed me inside the satchel. He'd brought home a turtle shell, a bit bigger than a large man's fist. Very dirty. Lightly covered with mud. With the bottom still attached. In fact, with the legs, head, and tail still attached.

I thought it might be hungry so I got it some lettuce.

We are not naming it "A'Tuin." It's really too small and ordinary for that."

On Easter

creatorschilde is not thrilled with the general attitude about Easter.

The world can keep thier pagan fertility rite. The huddled deluded masses can take their sperm (eggs), their sex (bunnies), and their mad cravings for aphrodesiacs (chocolate).

Full post with context here.