April 13th, 2006


Since it's Passover...

demonfafa, in weirdjews talking about finding a.....shall we say, interesting food at a restaurant.

I don't keep kosher, but for observant folk, putting Matzah in with a shrimp dish is basically like sticking chocolate bars in a big bowl of bird crap. You think, "Hey, there's good food I could eat, but oh look, it's in a bowl of crap."

Here is the post, for those interested:http://community.livejournal.com/weirdjews/1433640.html
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Over in customers_suck, smokedglass7429 had to make a sign for work. The one he wanted to put up was apparently 'offensive' to his co-workers, but the commenters on his post seemed to like it, especially themaskedvixen:

themaskedvixen: Almost beats my "Sorry we're closed an extra day as today is the day that 'Jesus' turned into a zombie and everyone got so freaked out they hid all their eggs and appointed a rabbit as their new lord and savior."

The whole post can be found here.

QWP, even though it's an open post.
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The British Version

"My whipped ice dairy drink brings the attention of many males to my place of residence and/ or employment,
and they declare that its quality far surpasses that of yours.
Absolutely, it far surpasses yours.
I could convey to you the recipe,
but I would have to demand compensation."

idroppedtheball, here, translating an american pop song for her home crowd.
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misia on Baltimore wildlife... (http://misia.livejournal.com/976294.html)

I understand that Brokeback Mountain was a good movie and all. However, when a gay man shows up to an urban park in Baltimore, Maryland to walk his chihuahua-longhaired dachsund mix while wearing full Brokeback drag -- Stetson, boots with a riding heel, big silver belt buckle, jeans, denim button-up shirt over a white t-shirt, tasteful silver jewelry, careful 3-day growth trimmed with Euclidean exactitude -- it's maybe just a tiny tiny bit de trop.

Particularly when the following scene took place -- which it did not once but twice: The man's dog thought Ushi was the coolest thing on legs and slipped her collar to jet across the lawns to come hang out with the big dog, thus leading Mr. Bisexual Shepherd to come galloping over the same lawns, holding his hat on with one hand and waving the leash and empty (daffodil-yellow, rhinestone-adorned) collar in the air yelling "Donatella! Donatella Versace! You bad dog! You come here this minute!"

Because there's just nothing quite like an urban cowboy racing after a 6-pound dog screaming out the name of a dedicatedly louche Italian fashionista, calling her a bad dog.