April 12th, 2006


That's so true.

From mamajoan, this entry.

The trouble with not posting in LJ for a couple of days, when you're the type who posts every trivial detail of your life in LJ ;) , is that when you do get a moment to post, you're stymied because there's just so damn much to get caught up on. And you don't have time to get into it all, so you don't post at all, which just makes the problem worse.
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Putting it "out there" to the Universe

lifehiker definitely knows how to manifest and visualize what he needs in life going forward:

I'm going to trust the universe to bring me the love I need. I'm letting go of it. All I'm asking for is a clear sign.

Oh, and universe, while you're at it, can you bring me a new place to live and a boatload of (though not specifically a boat loaded with) money?

Thanks. I promise I'll be good and stop touching myself in public.

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Disney - Snow White working

Upon the topic of soap.

ursulav - she of many quoteables - has posted an entry about her suffering from poison ivy. Within it are these two lines that made me LOL. The whole entry is worth reading, of course.

"...... my mother is always giving me weird soaps, and most of them never get used because James is afraid he'll eat them on accident. [...] I found something soap-looking with a bee on it. Hmm. Bees. Probably not any bees in the soap, which meant it was likely honey-flavored."

EDIT: Attempted to fix the font on the quote. Hope this is better!