April 11th, 2006


What an odd sound!

aervir said:

So, I probably shouldn't click on links for Doctor Who shippiness that already scream badfic with formulaic smut and tearful vows of everlasting love before the first orgasm. But then I would miss such gems of English prose as the "wonton moan".

What exactly is a "wonton moan"? A Chinese dinner gone horribly wrong?

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Death to Faulkner!

In response to my comment that I do not remember any of the names or actions of the characters in The Sound and the Fury (because it was so confusing), theo_winterwood had this to say:

Hahahaha . . . I only know that he killed himself because the Prof told us he did. Apparently it's never explicitly stated in the text.

Just about my entire freaking essay is about an event THAT NEVER HAPPENED ONSCREEN. Onpage. Whatever.

Faulkner can jolly well go . . . uh . . . faulk himself?

*is shutting up now*

Oh, literature humor. I loff you.
QWP, from a locked post.
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Faith in Advertising

cmpriest comments on the oddities of advertising in her new home (Seattle, Washington).

I realize that this is a big city - I've lived in big cities before, and they are not altogether unfamiliar to me. However, I don't think I've ever lived anyplace before that is quite so fixated with your parking convenience. Yes - every commercial for every restaurant, specialty store, mall, and event squawks about inexpensive and readily available spots for your vehicle.

I barely noted this phenomenon until today, when I heard an advertisement for an easter service at a church. In grand USED CAR SALESMAN style, this church promises you CONTEMPORARY MUSIC, an INVIGORATING SERVICE, FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE, and yes - FREE PARKING.

Because as I think we all know, paid lots make the baby Jesus cry.
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In which nidoking puts things in a way EBs can understand in customers_suck (comment on a locked post, QWP):

See the doctor.
See the line of patients out the door.
See the busy doctor.
Busy, busy, busy!
The doctor is too busy to see you.
See the nurse practitioner.
The nurse practitioner will do all the things the doctor would do for you
If the doctor were not so busy.
Busy, busy, busy!
Maybe if you behave for the nurse practitioner,
S/he will give you a lollipop.
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(no subject)

From here, on why Digimon Adventure/02 has so many shots of the characters backsides, and why the unusual career choice in the epilogue:

salmon_pink Ah, gotta love the animators' thought-process:

"Gee, we haven't had an elaborate Digimon attack, involving lots of fire and explosions, in thirty seconds. Let's add another."

"But this is a quiet point. We're attempting to expand their characterisation/insert cheap jokes into their mouths."

"Oh, okay. Just create some ass shots then. And maybe have some of the boys fight in a homoerotic manner."

ryosato Drunken Toei Producer: *swinking bottle of sake* Yamato is an ASS-tronaut! GET IT?! ASS! HAHAHAHAHA!
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I have a very small dog who wants to be in my lap. She is very small and no one loves her in the whole universe because she is not on my lap. It is a very sad thing. What a sad, small dog.

From the human perspective, I have a 75-pound Shira who would like to get in my lap and eat my wireless mouse and ooh, what's that there, can she have some coffee, she'll just sit on me while she barks at the geese outside, move that keyboard so she can put her head under it, no, her head has to be UNDER it, thank you very much.
- A very SMALL dog is currently pinning manhattan to her seat.
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altoidsaddict isn't so sure about how well The Real World will fair in her home town of Denver:

So MTV's The Real World is coming to Denver for its eighteenth season. I have spoilers for the season, which hasn't been filmed yet:

18.1: The roommates meet. There is a crazy one, a gay one, a nice one, an engaged one, an aggressively mature one who is therefore the most annoying of the lot, and, as always, the ho. All are thin, even though statistically half of them should at least be chubby. They move into a quirky downtown loft. (This one is, I believe, actually going to have a plane in the living room. Yep, a PLANE. Hopefully someone will think to put snakes in it.) The roommates get acquainted with Denver's downtown area, and the crazy one picks a fight at a club on Market and gets shot in the arm. The paramedics tell him to not be such a baby about it.

18.2: It snows three feet and the city shuts down. It is, of course, June. MTV viewers are confused, which is about par for the course.

18.3: The day after the blizzard, all the snow melts and the roommates go to a Rockies game. MTV doesn't have to get any releases for the crowd because nobody else is there. With the cast and crew, Rockies attendance doubles for the season.

18.4: The roommates go out to Fado on a Monday night. I get on camera and kill the engaged one for getting drunk and beating on my drum without asking first. I am given a medal by the city, which has by now gotten really tired of the Real World cast.

18.5: The remaining cast goes to experience some "real Denver" Wild West atmosphere, and must go to some ranch 50 miles away from the city limits to do so because when the Stock Show ain't in town we have relatively few escaped livestock wandering down the 16th Street Mall. Who'da thunk, we got paved roads now and we don't hardly spit our chaw on the floors if they's no sawdust on 'em. I guaran-fucking-tee they're going to do at least one episode portraying us as a cowtown where we all ride horses and cowboy up. Anyway, the crazy one picks a fight with a horse and gets kicked in the head. The Owner of the ranch tells him not to be such a baby.

18.6: After a record three thousand hours of filming at Tom's Diner on Colfax, MTV realizes there's fuck-all to do here and leaves.

QWP, here
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Sound advice.

Just remember, dumb Americans are loud Americans. If you can hear us, it's probably a good idea to ignore us. - shinga

(Oh, you want context now? Fine, fine...)

PS: for the record, I am American, and I love my country and wouldn't trade it for any other on this planet. I just find some of my fellow inhabitants annoying.

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Found in a comment thread in a post about keeping up with technology by converting old VHS fannish source material to digital media, bluster said:

Ah, how the fandom world has changed. I remember when we used to walk uphill both ways to get copies of shows. Now we just right-click and save.

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My friend, Becky, told me once that she hides money in her winter clothes, so that she'll forget about it when not wearing them and when winter rolls around again, she finds the money and it's like a happy little surprise for her (yes, she's a dork, but she's just so cute and funny). I often considered doing that. I figure if nothing else, it'll randomly cheer me up. Well, today I pulled out a coat that I hadn't worn in forever...

...in the pocket, I found a hardboiled egg O_o Wow, self. Thanks.

(From wiccat's journal, here)
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Gospel fanfic

Read on stellar_dust's journal, off my spouse's flist:
I read the Gospel of Judas! Excellent fic idea! Captures the original author's tone very well; however, needs much more development. Also more UST, if possible. Almost too obviously an allegory for Snape v. Dumbledore - perhaps tone this down in final draft? As is, may not be accessible to those outside HP fandom. /ok, done beta-ing the Gnostics now. *slinks away*
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