April 10th, 2006

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She's allowed to say it, she's a native.

In a locked entry in my own journal (ems, duh) I tell a story about my Grandma, and blissirritated responds with her own ancestoral history:
My great great great.... grandfather stole a silver button and some wool once. And that was how the Sargent line got shipped out as convicts to Australia.

We then began the mandatory inbreeding, moved to Tasmania and THAT'S the story of how come I don't have a chin. :D
QWP, of course.
oh badger., insane superhero love

finesseccentric is a sports fan.

Why is lesbian softball hot? They're like separated by so much space. I suppose there can be much fun to be had when one "hits the base" so to speak... but I'd much rather see lesbian football. And no, not American football.

Or maybe lesbian soccer.

Or maybe just lesbian.

from comments on an ONY feed entry here.
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Edallia and banks...

edallia holds forth on cars, and the banks that bankroll them. Except when they don't, which happens to be those occasions when they have not reason not to. But hey, Banks! Go DON'T figure.

Excerpt: "When one household member drives twenty minutes to work and the other member has a commute that lasts for an hour on a *good* day, and these commutes do not concur in either timeframe or direction, it is necessary that two cars belong to said household. In fact, the vast majority of our major financial dealings have revolved around the purchasing, repairing, and occasional relieved offloading of cars. We take our cars seriously, for they provide rapid conveyance between Point A, a point which is surrounded by crunchy brown grass, and Point B, which is a point we actually want to be at a depressingly small percentage of the time. Lest we lose sight of the larger picture, I would remind you that cars are also shiny and go VROOM, or in my case, CLATTER SPROING FWOOM."

Read it all here.
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Up to no good
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In response to my joking remark about S&M D&D which is actually what we call Sado Masochistic Dunkin Donuts after the place where my friend works another friend made this remark:

Like... "My level 5 SpankMaster missed his surprise thrust with his Scary Dildo, but just rolled an 18 on his flogging attack with his Elvish Bunnyskin Flogger+1. So your level 3 slavegirl takes 15 points of pleasure/pain points, plus 2 points because of his dexterity, and she has to make a Saving Throw at -1 penalty versus an earth-moving climax."

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Of Ives and Wives

sparrowrose has a rant about the famous "going to St. Ives" poem.

Or, if the large company really was going the other way, what about the author's travelling companions? The poem doesn't say "as I ALL ALONE was going to St. Ives." Maybe the author had his own collection of wives, children, mothers-in-law, cattle, cats and so forth that he didn't bother mentioning in the poem because he couldn't come up with a good rhyme for mothers-in-law.
What of others on the road that day. Were there no other travellers going to St. Ives? Dozens, scores, hundreds of people could have been converging on St. Ives for a great festival but we are forced to say that only one was going to St. Ives because the author felt it unnecessary to mention that he was on a well-travelled main thoroughfare.
But when I raised these concerns as a young kindergarten student, I was told my answers were wrong. The only right answer is that one person was going to St. Ives. This leads me to assume that this riddle was never really devised for the purpose of making others think. The only purpose of the St. Ives riddle is to appear clever when presenting it to a small child for the first time. The poem is only meant for the mental domination and oppression of very small children and it is an evil poem, indeed.


QWP, of course. The rant is a lot longer, and is well-worth the read :)