April 9th, 2006

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maggiebloome learns about hyperbolas

Miss: Okay so infinity, right. See, you have to imagine there's this frog. Okay, I have this frog, and it does jobs for me, and then it comes to sit on my shoulder. But I don't like it sitting on my shoulder, because it's a frog. So I give it a job because it won't come and sit on my shoulder as long as it has work to do. Like you should not be talking until you have finished your maths work! Anyway, this frog, right. I give it a job that takes a long time, I trick it. I tell it, go jump to that wall, but you have to do it like this. These are the rules. You jump half the distance with each jump. So you see I am being clever, and he will never reach the wall because when he reaches halfway, *starts walking towards wall* are you following me, girls?
Class: O.o


First meta, don't hurt me.

theferrett bemoans the constant battle between...aw, just read it yourself.

But FantasyBrain likes the idea that somewhere in deepest Asia, there is a pot of peanut sauce that is three thousand years old, guarded by brave warriors who are here to uphold the tradition. Each warrior gets one dab of precious peanut sauce when he achieves manhood, and like royal jelly, it makes him so strong and powerful that no man can stop him. The peanut sauce lies in a dark cave behind bamboo bars and elaborate traps, but the village that surrounds it is harmonious and fecund, for that one brief taste of the peanut sauce of the ancients fills their mouth with joy forevermore.

I like FantasyBrain's world better. If only it was in that closet.
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Dept of Scary Mental Images

QWP from the journal of phoebesmum, on the topic of a skirt gone AWOL for no good reason:

So. Skirt missing. Can only presume it has fallen through back of wardrobe and into magickal realm of Narnia. Suspect Mr Tumnus is poncing about in it even as we speak.

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Serenity - Fruity Oaty Bars

Drunk posts = teh_yayz

kelrick is the master of the drunk post. I adore waking up to this sort of delight on my friends page.
The power of durnk compelas ma, the power aof drunk compels me.
Tonight iH ad drinks with lawyers and...1 engineer. Well ther ewere actors but one of them sucked. He ouldn't stop touching me. DROEV ME NUTS! Uhg.


But I have the shitf key DOWN! WHEE!

So I'm here and there were drinks and tomorrow is chill.

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Shake Djibouti

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amphritie is enjoying a weekend in Florida with her strange, strange relatives:

the following exchange with my grandmother, who had her martini in hand;
i walk outside in my new bikini.
nana: you're going to wear that??
'phritie: um..yes?
nana: well, you shouldn't. rapists and drunkards hang around the docks at night.
'phritie: nana, it's ten in the morning.
nana: and i'm on my third martini!! *cackles terrifyingly* 

the visit of my Aunt Jane, who is my grandfather's sister and is so old we're really not sure why she keeps showing up:
aunt jane: well, haven't you gotten tall! you know, back in the(insert decade here) we used to (totally meaningless anecdote that goes on until everyone's left except me) and that's why the eggs turned green the next morning!
i swear, an actual story ended like this.

Context is here.

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Got this from house_of_bone.  It's from this friends-only post...but I got her permission.

The only background you really need is that Myles is her 3 (I think :O/)  (*edit* he's 2)  year old son.  And now on with the quote:

And Myles just saw a picture of President Bush and yelled out "MONKEY!!!". We laughed.

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Signs, signs, everywhere signs!

levelseven has been ... tripping... on Cloud Nine...

Today, constructed out of clouds, was a huge roman numeral "9" in the sky... now, today is the 9th, so there's that, I was born on the 9th, in the year 79, so again, that's something... but I can't help but feel that there is something else...

Does the special on the Book of Judas come on National Geographic at 9?

Yes, that must be it, I'm absolutely positive that nature must be telling me to watch tv.

I had to use this icon, only because of its general correlation to the post.
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romano- female

The Creation of the Universe

__ame__ and I were having a completely pointless conversation, and this is what happened:

Her: That was decided before the cavemen even. :P
Me: Before the Big Bang, even. All that random, empty matter that was floating around said to itself, "You know, I don't quite know who they are, but Jakotsu and Bankotsu are the coolest things ever to exist."
Her: And then their purity of love made the sun, because their love bright light to everything... even stuff that didn't exist.
Me: And their love was so strong, so powerful, that the empty blob of matter EXPLODED from all the love, and the universe was slowly formed.
Her: A fic must be written now.

Context can be found HERE. QWP.
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