April 7th, 2006

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cat_o_ninetails may have liked V for Vendetta a little too much...

V for Vendetta is easily the most fantabulous thing ever since the creation of the world and I love it, I am this mass of appreciative fangirl, quite similar in texture to hideous goo, and and and I am so very happy, I haven't seen a movie that has made me this happy for ever and ever and I quite literally cannot contain myself. Tugging on Erin's sleeve and repeating helplessly that I really really liked this movie type of silly-happy and do not mistake my lack of capitals for a lack of exuberance because oh god. In love. So much. Words are inadequate and FAIL ME. Oh, there we go capitals.

And you know, we even had chocolate there. WE JUST FORGOT TO EAT IT THE MOVIE WAS THAT GOOD.
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ursulav speaks here about the parallels between certain apocryphal gospels and fanfiction:

Since humans are the same the world over, I would lay money that some of the proto-gospels were crappily written and full of Mary Sue disciples who all had green eyes and Jesus fell madly in love with them and...wait, was that the Last Temptation of Christ? Well, anyway, the point stands. We're probably better off with a lot of them hitting the junk heap. Christianity would not be notably improved by inclusion of a gospel where Jesus turns into a teenage girl with a telepathic unicorn pet.

The whole post is really worth reading. x)

life as a t.v. viewer

This was a response to a promotion of a community explicitly for man-hating.

"The premise of the misandristing community is to condemn and generalize men and enforce negative stereotypes upon men. I find this objectionable because blind anger mitagates against the possibility for constructive, considered and logical debate on the issues at hand. I object to the image of sterotypical smiley skinny blondes in the picture which is juxtaposed with an equally stereotypical "angry black woman" stereotype. For fucks sake you watch TOO MUCH TELEVISON! How much bloody television do you want to watch? If I watched as much television as you then I too would be pissed off all the time because I would believe that the world is fucked and all men are fucked."

from: http://community.livejournal.com/fuck_shaving/34294.html

scarletdemon finds out some key differences between Brits and Americans

Tea is the marijuana of hot drinks but coffee is the cocaine. Tea makes a person civilised. Coffee makes a person loud and obnoxious. Tea makes you very...English (or British if you prefer). Coffee makes you...Well...AMERICAN.

Finding a quiet American had made me quite a hit with my social circle! It was like finding a pretty girl who was interesting, or finding a German who could tell jokes.

From here.

When the waiter finally approached us to take our order, Bonobo had a problem. We'd decided that due to the DREADFUL service, we would eat dessert elsewhere and he had decided to be the one to convey this message to the waiter. How could he balance the desire to "fit in" with restrained British society, with the instinct to be American and tell the waiter what a motherfucking waste of space he was? He pulled it off brilliantly...

"What desserts do you want?"

"Oh, I'm sorry but we don't want any desserts at all...NOW THAT WE'VE HAD TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT!" said Bonobo in his best AMERICAN VOICE.

Hahaha! It was like the end of WW2, when the Americans came in and did just the right thing at the right time. I loved it.

And here.
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Literature Lifeguard On Duty

The final presentations in Literature are coming up, and silver_huskey is definitely looking forward to the end of the semester...

Professor Belton: So Angela, you're going on the 13th right?
Me: Er, no.
Professor Belton: Well why not?
Me: I simply can't do it. I'd rather jump out of the window (we're on the 7th floor) than go on the 13th.
Professor Belton: You can't open these windows, they're locked.
Me: *Gets out of the seat and lifts a desk up* Well, I'll just have to toss a chair through one instead!
Professor Belton: Okay, okay, you can go on the 25th. I can see that you're already over the edge. But I won't talk to you anymore.
Me: Yeah... But you've just saved a student's life today. ^_^;;;

Quite Well Put, so I Quoted With Permission.
Mistful Dreams



mistyraven, here, in death_666_angel's post here, in answer to strix_an_stones saying "Hey now, you gotta give snaps to the creator of the "thrusting purple helmeted warrior vomiting milk into milady's silk lined sheath o'pleasure."":

lmfao, "silk lined sheath o'pleasure"! Sounds like some new product...

"Now, the new and improved silk-lined Sheath o'Pleasure! Yours today for just $19.99! Call now and get not only our silk-lined Sheath o'Pleasure, but also a Thrusting Purple Helmeted Warrior that can vomit milk! All for the low price of $34.99! We are not liable for any teasing that may occur. Innuendo not included.
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