April 4th, 2006

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Look out!

tom_kiper makes a valid observation:

Indicator #81234 That You Are Not Cut Out To Write Romance Novels:
You spend the last fifteen minutes of
Amelie shouting "Don't go into her apartment! She's got an ice pick!"

(Entire post quoted, but here.)
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I am a girl of the future

The song remains the same

so i just watched "the song remains the same," and... wow. at some point, the human mind reaches a saturation level of fame, money, and psychoactive drugs that leads to legitimately believing it's cool to dress up like a viking and ride around on a black stallion while wearing skin-tight pants, waving a really fakey sword. and robert plant's mind reached that point a long time ago.
my favorite thing about led zeppelin is that all their songs are about A. vikings, B. hobbits, and/or C. robert plant's boner. so if you didn't know they were crazy heavy metal stoner gods and what-all, your first impression based just on that choice of subject matter would be... total dorks.

onooyes, here.
I am a girl of the future

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I don't mean to sexualize everything. And I really don't. Just when people's faces are constantly shoved at you through the media, you must learn to embrace the beauty of them. And appreciate some more than others.

It's because I'm young, hormonal, and bored. It won't be this way forever, that I am sure of. Day after day, my body is aging, and my libido is withering away with it. Some things should be kept sacred, and not discussed in a "ZOMG DROOL" fashion. The pope for instance. Your mom, for another.

But not politicians, darlings. Not politicians. Some of them deserve to be corrupted as much as they corrupt our nations with their poison-sweet words. Their promises/lies can actually be interpreted as dirty talk, if you will.

--rockstarsex, here. Locked post, QWP.
hp; slytherin - eyebrows

blainemuffin describes Alan Rickman's casting in the Potter movies:

"You know, I was thinking (always a bad sign). Lots of people draw bishie!Snape. And then the book purists come along and get all bitchy because he's 'supposed to be ugly' or whatever. Well they can suck it, because if JK wanted Snape to be ugly she should never have allowed hot manfleshAlan Rickman to be cast. Even if he wasn't so physically appealing, he has The Voice. You know how some opera singers can shatter glass? Alan Rickman can shatter underpants."

F-locked, QWP.

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So, fox1013 did a meme. Made a list of 15 characters and kept it to herself. Then people got to ask questions such as "If 12 and 3 decided to kidnap 7, where would they take him/her, what would their ransom be and who would they send the ransom letter to??" Here are some of her results.

5. 11 (Gonzo the Great) and 7 (Emily Gregory) find themselves transported to 4 (Izzie Stevens)'s universe. Are they on 4's side or against him/her? What do they do? -- [info]tellitslant

They are totally working WITH Izzie. I am not entirely sure what they would be working with her FOR. I'm guessing to hook up Izzie with George, cause I really don't know what else a blind musician, a Muppet, and a surgical intern are capable of doing.

Also, possibly this would be the best story of all time.

13. #11 (Gonzo the Great) gets to kill one other character on your list: what character does s/he choose? -- juliedarling

...Muppets are not killers, Julie. They are fuzzy and lovable. I do not think there is an answer to this question.

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Random {Anyone who doesn't like you is w

V for I'll Kick His Fucking Ass

lost_in_my_room, on vengeance.

karma is a bitch. if the law can't help then somehow, some way, he'll have some chick going down on him and all of a sudden she'll sneeze and in the brief nano-second before his cock gets bitten off he'll suddenly think of what he did and the seering pain will remind him how stupid he was

all the way to the hospital, she will laugh and try to make it seem like it was an accident, but all the way, he'll be cursing and grumbling, holding a cup of ice with his severed dick in it and when he gets to the hospital the doctor will say "i'm sorry. it's too late. this came at a really awkward time for us."

they'll cauterize the wound and he'll spend the rest of his miserable life pissing into a fucking bag and only able to achieve sexual gratification by having someone shove cucumbers up his ass and the whole way he'll be thinking back to that momentary thought of what he did to you and it will nag him that maybe, had he not done it, this could have all been avoided...

just sayin'

QWP, but the post (mine) is locked.
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dancing indigo

QWP: But We Don't Have to LIKE It!

"OMG the awful liberal educated people who run accreditation boards say we have to have a library with more than one opinion in it or they won't let us call ourselves a university!! Well, fine, but WE DON'T LIKE IT!! So here, have this book, but don't you DARE think about it for yourself!!"

--kellinator in this entry about a religious school's interlibrary loan practices.

The comments are pretty hilarious too.
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mooncharm's nephew has OMG discovered dictionaries:

Nephew (age 7): Guess what we have at school now! *excited*

Me: What?


Me: Oooh sweet. *wtf*

Him: And you know what you can do?? *practically flailing*

Me: No, what? *mystified*

Him: If you don't know how to spell a word you can just go to that letter page and FIND IT. *thrilled to no end*

Me: Omg really? Awesome. *trying not to die laughing*

Him: Not always though. Not always. *wise mofo*

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insane fashion design

In response to my comment in another person's post about fashion:

"Most of those clothing designers are gay men. Young gay men, who want even younger gay men. So the models they are willing to work with look like... guess what!

Young gay men."

The ever-amusing halleyscomet replies:

This clothing is being designed largely by men who have made it clear that they do not find women sexually attractive. Why then are they considered qualified to design clothing that will look good on women???

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Comments QWP from a friend's locked post.
[ASOIAF] Sansa faceless.

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My friend endofhistory and her hubby are learning the joys of owning cats... and being pwned by cats...:

Even though we have had Opal and Helena for less than two days, I have gotten some distinct impressions about the two of them. [...]

Opal: Runs around the house at night.
Helena: SLEEPS ON HER MOMMY AND DADDY. More specifically, sleeps on her Mommy's head or Daddy's legs or RIGHT BETWEEN THEIR HEADS.

Opal: Is not a greeter. Rather, we have to comb the house to find her after we've been gone.
Helena: HI! YOU'RE HOME! HI!
I'm significant

Bathroom Wisdom

QWP from mishamish's comment to this post, discussing people who harrass others on the internet:

I am reminded of words written three feet high along two walls of the bathroom of my college dorm:


That just about says it all, I think.
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Amidst a whole bunch of wank about blacklisting and this article from the Guardian in academics_anon, melvillean manages to bring on the funny. Twice.

"I tried methematics once. I integrated a function and got *so* wasted. It ended up with me naked and screaming in the back of a squad car." -here (QWP, BOC, ABCDEFG!)

"In Soviet Russia, you don't teach multiculturalism -- multiculturalism teach you." -here (For some reason, these jokes never get old.)
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