April 3rd, 2006


All Your Base...FF7 Style

From a locked post by turk_elena detailing a conversation between her and palmer_kun (whom the following lines are credited to) about how FF7 would've read if it'd gotten the All Your Base treatment. Quoted with permission, of course.

Cloud: What happen ?
Vincent: Somebody graft on me the roboclaw.
Tifa: We get scientist.
Cloud: What !
Tifa: Main geek start technobabble.
Cloud: It's you !!
HOJO: How are you gentlemen !!
HOJO: All your Lucrecia are belong to us.
HOJO: You are on the way to north crater.
Cloud: What you say !!
HOJO: You have no chance to level up make your time.
HOJO: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
Vincent: Cloud !!
Cloud: Put on every 'Materia' !!
Cloud: You know what you doing.
Cloud: Socket 'Materia'.
Cloud: For great summon.
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[sw] roboclaw

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It's my first time. ^^; Be gentle. D;

This was dv8nation's reponse to some comments about typos/grammatical errors in their original post.

LJ means never passing up the chance to be an ass to a stranger.

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Here come new fairy tales...

ursulav muses about an alternate "Tale of Blue Beard":

"Somewhere there's about half a story kicking around that I've never gotten back to, about a self-absorbed woman who doesn't bother to open the door (on the principle that everbody deserves privacy, and it's probably some smoke-stained den with ugly wood panelling and porn lying around) and Bluebeard going slowly nuts trying to get her to open the door so he can kill her (since once a serial killer, always a serial killer.)..."
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That's dashed clever of you...

Apparently the train company is not liable in the event of riots or "civil commotion." klave wonders what a civil commotion might sounds like...

The idea of 'civil commotion' fills me with amusement. Commotion sounds so much more orderly than a riot or a pitchfork-wielding mob or something. Like they'd get in a queue to administer beatings or loot.
"I say, sir, I was standing here first."
"I'm terribly sorry, old chap, here, take my flaming bag of dog poop by way of compensation."


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reonyea strikes again, with another gem:

" Hehe...I was struggling to close Terragen, cos my internet was playing up, and I kept clicking on the cross...and then I just looked sorrowfully at the computer and said, without thinking 'Ah wish I knew how to quit you...'"

QWP, open entry Here
Squee Kitty

BRPS brings all the mock to the yard

A rather interesting, and mostly WTF, list of "power origins/types" for a certain fandom RP was posted on bad_rpers_suck.

On that list was "Vampire (born or sired)"

I come in and ask, quite to the point: How the fuck are you BORN a vampire???????

To which kaesa brings us this nugget of wisdom:

...more to the point, when vampire babies start teething it must be awfully hard on the babysitter.
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