April 2nd, 2006

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In another thread from the little_details April Fool's post, the collective state and the aristocracy have a bit to say to each other about the proposed changes in the community.

thunderdistant: as a native russian i formally request control of this community.

autocracy_rules: But you are a peasant! I myself am much more suitable to rule a community, and indeed it is my divine right to do so.

thunderdistant: fucking romanovs. you're not worthy to lick the boots of the GRU. i will have this community in the name of my commander.

autocracy_rules: You are practically begging to be oppressed.

thunderdistant: and you have "assassination" and "overthrow" written all over you.

autocracy_rules: I cannot say that I am worried. Assassination attempts and revolutions have never worked on me before.

I think I shall have to dream up a futile, senseless war to send you off to die of malaria in. The Ottoman Empire isn't still around and unstable, is it?

thunderdistant: the cold war, you idiot. you will be obsolete when Colonel Volgin takes power.

autocracy_rules: "Cold War"? All wars are cold if they are fought during winter (in temperate climes, at least).

glossy_fosse: Romanov! What are you doing here?

autocracy_rules: Chillin' with my peeps.

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First quote

I'm not sure If quotes from Fanfics are allowed, but I didn't see any thing in the rules against it so:

From this DW Fanfic by misscam

"A little? Whose bright idea was it to visit France in the middle of a mass protest?"

"Whose bright idea was it to shout 'Ahaha, we got the Olympics, not you!' within earshot of police just looking for a reason to arrest people?"

Hope I didn't break a rule.
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In response to the_epic's post about how the phrase 'Bombing for peace is like f&%king for virginity' is inherently wrong, toastmaster has this to say:

It should be something much lengthier, like "Bombing for peace is like getting drunk and picking someone up at a bar, in the sense that it usually seems like a good idea at the time but often has unforseen or ignored consequences which you may come to regret later, either as a direct result from your self-loathing or from disapproval from your peers."

Try putting that on a sign, you smelly hippies.

QWP, from a locked post.
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jetwolf, musing on her timepieces (cell phone, computer, alarm clock with the atomic-thingie) being smarter about the time change than she is:

"But I don't quite trust these things.

I think they've updated, but have they? Have they really? Is it currently 7:21, or 8:21, as my clocks would like me to believe? Are they just dicking around with me? Laughing behind my back? Probably in binary? 01101000 01100001 01101000 01100001 01101000 01100001 01101000 01101000 01100001 01101000 01100001 00100001 00100001, they say to each other. Curse you and your magical time tracking! Stop laughing at me! Devils! They're slowly devouring my soul and enjoying it with a frothy glass of essence juice!"
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QWP from james_nicoll regarding the Tim Hortons bombing this morning:

If this is connected to events outside Canada, and I am not saying it is, what does it mean that when people attack the US, they attack a center of trade and when they attack the UK and Spain, they attack the means by which people get to work but when they attack Canada, they target our donut shops?

(incidentally, this is the same guy who came up with the much-bandied "English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore" comment)
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Pranking's not too good for anyone.

akhmed, that fount of bizarre humour, is now mulling over possible White House April Fool's jokes. My personal favourite:

6. Secret Service calls Ted Kennedy at 4AM, tells him that due to Jack Abramoff, nearly everyone in the Administration has resigned and he is now President. This is even funnier if Ted Kennedy was drinking the night before.

Many others here for your reading pleasure.
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Light Magician

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Two metaquotes in one day? From me? GASP!

lunar_geisha, on someone following her into her bakery to give her religious pamphlets:

"I'm sorry sir, God doesn't care how religious you are, or how bad you want to save me. My God's name is OSHA while I'm here, and I would be thoroughly smote if He knew you had dared to step foot where you didn't belong. Now go forth and spread the word of OSHA."

QWP, Friendslocked post. (Do I still have to link to that? http://lunar-geisha.livejournal.com/340088.html)