April 1st, 2006

WTF?!, looney tunes, daffy duck

But which one?

In response to how they display cross stitch thread in England (UK), kim1989 said:

"See, putting the new colors in the regular line would make sense and it would be easy and we can't have that. It's un-American for things to be easy and to make sense ;) Why do you think we elected a complete moron twice to be president ;)"

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Move Yarmulka....

In Little details, a religious discussion turns geek, courtesy of palmer_kun:

Narrator: In A.D. 13, religion was beginning.

Rabbi: What happen ?
Mohel: Somebody bust up us the moneylending.
Chazzan: We get chastised.
Rabbi: What !
Chazzan: Main sermon talk starting.
Rabbi: It's you !!
JESUS: How are you gentlemen !!
JESUS: All your Torah are belong to us.
JESUS: You are on the way to hell.
Rabbi: What you say !!
JESUS: You have no chance to convert make your time.
JESUS: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
Chazzan: Rabbi !!
Rabbi: Put on every 'Yarmulka' !!
Rabbi: You know what you doing.
Rabbi: Place 'Yarmulka'.
Rabbi: For great interest rate.

Context is a nifty thing.
Adeline makes Slade better.

Mom_Almighty and kittens

Personally, I've always been fond of springtime. Some cats just aren't.

From mom_almighty's journal:

Why springtime sucks, as told to me by Pepper the cat:

"A warm and sunny spring day. I sit quietly, watching the world from my lookout post, poised for action. Suddenly, on the lawn, I see movement. I stare intently, unblinking, at the very first robin of spring. It is hopping about on the moss, twittering its cheerful tune. It has no idea it is about to become my lunch. Red-breasted nitwit. It is no match for the mighty huntress. I silently move into position, lowering my head, flattening my ears, crouching on my legs, preparing to strike. I do not move. I do not blink. I do not make a sound. I measure my distance, assessing my opportunity for the perfect pounce. I wait for the robin to move into position ... almost there ... one more step ... perfect. I am ready. I pull back slightly, then spring forward with Force! With Velocity! With Ferocity! With - "



Hey ...

Wait a minute ...

Where'd this window come from?

Have I been inside the house this whole time?"

QWP, from here: http://mom-almighty.livejournal.com/280136.html