March 30th, 2006

harry is gay like a gay thing
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jossish is going to Prague:

Things I am bringing to Prague:

-not Viz because I couldn't find it in the shop

The woman in Tesco gave me an odd look. I told her I was taking it to Prague but didn't expand. I suspect she now thinks I'm in the habit of taking 48 rashers of bacon on holiday with me as company, but no matter!

The problem now is that I really want a bacon sandwich.

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On unstable molecules, a good ol' scans_daily member brings the no-prize:

wal_lace: Assume it's a product name, not a scientific description.


REED: I've made this fantastic new substance for our costumes. It's bullet-proof, fire-proof, and it'll stretch along with me! I call it pseudologistopolyeuroscepticaltheuridomin molecular fabric.

JONNY: ...

REED: Unstable molecules. Stop you being naked when you flame on. Here are some pants. Please wear them.

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