March 29th, 2006

Aeryn Sun

Fire in the hole!

schnuder reveals the do's and don'ts of mixing professional and home stereo equipment:

The moral of the story is that the speakers from your home stereo are not rated to be used with a professional amplifier for good reason, and if you do use them with such there is a good chance that they may burst into flames in a crowded room.

QWP; full post here.
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zoethe woke up this morning to find that her rant on people with unruly children had become the target of a particularly incoherent anonymous commenter.  Her response?

That's not an argument; that's throwing plastic toys in the sandbox. You think telling me I'm ugly because I'm fat is going to hurt me, coming from someone who hasn't managed a cogent counter-argument and who is too chickenhearted to sign a name?

Dude, it's the pen that is mightier than the sword. Not a crayon.

Found here.  QWP and x-posted to metaquotes and mobettameta
HP Fleur

To Serve Man

Hello! My first post and it's a quote from the lovely prairiedaun.

"So I just oversaw the cultural survival lab for an intro anthro class. This is the classic "your group of people on an airplane crash in a remote location, separated from an apocalyptic even. How does your group survive, and what cultural values do you put in place to assure survival?"

I am shocked, SHOCKED, by how quickly two of the groups instituted some cannibalistic practices. I'm even more shocked by how immediately one of the all female + 1 male groups immediately made him their leader, and how one group was going to take out the dead pilot's intestines to be used for binding things.

In a post-apocalyptic world, I'm most scared of the anthropology students."

QWP and in full from here.
Here's Matt!
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My room-mate and her friends are odd. She posted this transcript of a conversation she had with someone from back home. I found this part a gem:

Is it the weekend in Montana already? ! Damn time difference. It's only Wednesday here!

Yeah, you cross the international weekend line, its like the international date line, only cooler.

Does that make me cooler for having crossed it?

No, it subtracts from your NET cool once you leave.


However Beth IS in fact cooler. It works for people who have a "B" in their first name.
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And lo, it was good ...

gramarye1971 gives an account of her family's newest home decorating project ... the good, the bad, and the ugly:

My father sprayed the paper strips with a bit of solvent to loosen the paste, but there really wasn't much need for the solvent. After over thirty years, fear was just about the only thing keeping that wallpaper on the walls. And lo, I wielded the scraper blade as if I was dispensing some kind of aesthetic justice that had been denied me my entire life. A few gleeful days later, the walls had been stripped of paper and paste, revealing the colour of the walls beneath.

Oh, my friends, it was aqua. 1950s-era aqua. An aqua that would have made fish cry.
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Adam Dark
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gwengothelf has an idea for a new TV show (QWP):

[Wiki Links added for those who don't know TCM...]

A cross between 24 and The Crystal Maze:

The President (Richard O'Brien): Now this game is a mental - you have 24 hours from when I put down the phone and it's an automatic lock-in

Jack Bauer: I'mn in some sort of warehouse, there's some crates and a door to the left.
Chloe: Jack! The terrorists may have hidden it in the crates. Check the crates Jack!
Tony Almada: Jack, can you see the crystal anywhere?
Jack Bauer: where's the crystal? I can't see the crystal! What do I do?
Jack Bauer moves the crates around a bit
Jack Bauer: How much time do I have left?
Chloe: 22 Hours!
Jack Bauer: I'm coming out! Open the Door!

President (Richard O' Brien): You've collected 2 nuclear warheads and 5 canisters of nerve gas. This gives you 30 seconds in the Crystal Dome, a Presidental Pardon and a pension.
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