March 28th, 2006


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theatre_angel, in a friendslocked post, quoted with permission:
I fervently, passionately wish with all of my heart that I weren't so awkward. I swear to god. People will descend into primitive cannibalism and perfect nuclear weapons and just as they are all about to destroy the world, they will say, "But at least we weren't as awkward as Luisa (last name)!" Hooray for the weirdest analogy ever.

Well, I thought it was funny :-)

Writing Meme

catvalente does her take on the Things I've Learned About Writing meme:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blogosphere:
If I could offer you only one tip for the future,
the backspace key would be it.
The long term benefits of the backspace key have been proved by the internet,
whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own

(Everyone's Free to Self Publish)

And some underacheiving kids just want to be astronauts!

sumobabe in a discussion with her child here:

Me: Remember, there isn't anything you could ever do that would be so bad that Daddy and I would stop loving you.

Sumochild: Even if I learned how to make and control tornados, and used tornados and rats and termites for world domination?

Me: We'd be dissapointed that you were using your powers for evil, but yes, we would still love you.

I guess kids who want to be firefighters and astronauts when they grow up are just aiming too low. They're missing the whole "evil overlord" career path. LOL.
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saffronjan enjoys the arrival of spring:

Of course, it is impossible to have such sniffles after going out into the sunshine that we had this afternoon. I actually like cold gray weather more than most folk do, but I couldn't help but feel something tight in my chest loosen and flutter when I got out into the real live actual sunshine, in a breeze that was actually almost warm when it brushed past.

So great was the loosening and fluttering that I took a moment to check that said loosening and fluttering wasn't actually just the result of a bra-strap malfunction. Nope, it was joy. Yay!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Important Lessons in Fashion

anxietygrrl learned some things about ladies clothes: QWP, whole post

Today I learned that Lane Bryant and Lane Bryant Catalog are two different things.

Lane Bryant is a store for the larger ladies who are younger, trendier, and generally pretty confident. One might even say "sassy", if one were so inclined.

Lane Bryant Catalog is apparently for the larger lady who is older, sadder, and has just maybe, a little bit, given up on life. I'm not a fashionable person by far, but even I know that the sentence "FREE pedal pushers when you buy the tunic!" is tragic on multiple levels.
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lepetitemort has a new kitten:

Here is a typical interaction with the cat:

Me: Hello there, little kitty. I am drawing something. It's pretty cool and I th - oof!
Cat: *post headbutt* I see that you are in my presence. Obviously, you want to pet me.
Me: Now wait just a second, you came in HERE. I was totally working o - oof!
Cat: Look, we are two reasonable creatures. Why don't you want to pet me? Is my fur not soft enough? Am I not cute enough? Pet me.
Me: In a minute! Let me put this stuff away.
Cat: It has become apparent to me that you do not understand the gravity of this non petting situation. Allow me to tell you about it. Loudly.
Me: *frantic petting*
Cat: Owned.
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Welcome to Raccoon City

he_dreams_awake is traumatized by Resident Evil:

Me: *talking about the anti-viral drug I was given for the flu a couple years back*
Me: "And the whole ride home I just kept thinking, 'Blue for the virus, green for the antivirus. Blue for the virus, green for the...' "
Me: "Hey, knock it off! *snickers* Jesus. I've been well-programmed. If any of us hardcore old-school gamers were to be woken up by someone standing over our bedside going, "STAAAAARS!" in the middle of the night we'd probably piss ourselves."

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Open post, but I asked permission anyway, because it just seemed that funny.
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tranny prom pics by bouhgirl23

zomg stick-on boobies!

This be me first meta-quote!

In which snowcrystal86describes the joys of adhering and removing stick-on boobs known as "Staykups," the self-proclaimed "ultimate in strapless, backless technology." Hilarity ensues. Not to mention pain. QWP.

"I gently try to pull the right one off. Then I try my luck with the left one. I begin to think I am in slightly over my head. But I’ve never been one to give up without a fight. So I grit my teeth, grab the edges of the right one again, and pull.

Ok. I don’t think I can really convey how it felt using words. Imagine tearing off a bandaid. A huge bandaid. And not one of those new bandaids that don’t hurt when you pull it off. The old school kind where taking it off hurts more than the original cut. And not on your knee, or elbow, or finger. On the most sensitive skin of your body. That’s kind of what it felt like. Except 1000 times worse. "

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The full post, complete with an in depth description of how she got the things on in the first place [and whether or not she managed to get the glue off] can be found here, and is definately worth reading.
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