March 25th, 2006

swole bunny man

In that case, we're all DOOMED!

I'm a big fan of febobe's writings, and apparently she often has more ideas than she can physically write. Today she figured out why (I'm including her icon with the entry, which I have quoted in its entirety, because it just makes it that much more special):

Febobe's tribbles icon

We have figured out why - exactly WHY - I am constantly swimming in plot bunnies.

They aren't bunnies at all.



-Febobe the Terrified
Adam Dark
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Superhero Of The Computer Rage

rainbowskye is a bit concerned over the new intro when you log-in (QWP):

"Welcome back to LiveJournal! You're logged in as rainbowskye. Go have fun. Here are some suggestions..."

"That always makes me giggle. 'Go have fun'!! Uh, okay *turns off computer and goes off to find a life* - I mean, it could be quite counterproductive for lj really if we took that advice, couldn't it..."
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In yet another post about Snakes On A Plane on ohnotheydidnt, g0ssipwh0re and chung_____chung try to explain why the movie is so exciting to angel_face_262:

angel_face_262: I really dont understand the hype of this movie....

g0ssipwh0re: its SNAKES!!!!!! ON A PLANE!!!!!!

angel_face_262: Apparently but I keep hoping that the title is really a metaphor for something else.....

chung_____chung: youve got to be kidding
worf vs. smurfs

Sorry I've been posting so often, but my friends are awesome lately!

velveteen has a special moment:

So here's why I think that I may someday go into Linguistics:

1. I reply to an LJ post with the line, "Zomg uh yeah no."

2. I think - "Hmm. Isn't ZOMG supposed to be in capital letters?"

2a. I think, "The etymology of 'zomg' must be someone's missing the SHIFT key when typing, 'OMG' and just hitting the Z key instead; a piece of netspeak similar to 'OMG!!!1'"

2b. If you try to type "OMG" and hit Z instead of SHIFT, the word "OMG" wouldn't be capitalized. Therefore, I'm right in not capitalizing "zomg"

3. The word "zomg," by nature, is always uncapitalized. However, I placed it at the beginning of the sentence. Did it deserve a capitalization?

(but wait! it gets geekier!)

4. I think that since netspeak also uses capitalization as a type of inflection, it's probably safer to leave the beginning of a sentence uncapitalized rather than to capitalize "Zomg" and turn it into not only a "mispronunciation," but also as a misrepresentation of just what type of inside joke "zomg" is.

In other words,

geek = 1.
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From this post from tomatoes.

"I honestly think that Mooresville has the most pathetically terrible local news station in all of North Carolina. It's even worse than the channel that solely broadcasts frumpy elderly one-toothed men and women singing songs about Jesus and strumming their banjos. At least that station is remotely entertaining. Anyway a few high school girls were interviewed about prom and all of their answers were the same WULL I PLAN TUH GO TANNIN' AN' LOSE ALOTTA WAAAATE AND GIT MUH NAYULS DID. Oh okay why do you speak like that is there a giant redneck parasite eating your brain?"