March 24th, 2006

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pallid_regina describes the battle going on between her sinuses and her.

"Yesterday was the mass exodus of all mucous from my head. Last night as I slept, therefore, was the damming of the walled city that is my sinuses.

There has been no response to my repeated attempts to make contact. My hope is that talks can be resumed and a peace treaty signed before week's end, leading to normal breathing activity and trade. "

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rapier is having a vasectomy (QWP):

The procedure itself doesn't scare me, for all that I'm being dramatic about it. It's the shaving my balls the night before. See, I'm not really afraid of the doctor, because he's done this a million times. Me? I've never come anywhere close to The Bishop with a sharp thing for depilatory purposes.
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When your own body betrays you

For a minute I thought it was like those times when someone asks you to move something, but you're not quite which muscle is supposed to be moving. Like people who don't know how to do push-ups, and they end up wriggling their ass in the air instead. At least, that's what I thought was happening.

Me: "Hey right foot, wriggle."
RF: "Look at me, I'm wild and crazy!!!"
Me: "Okay. Now the left foot."
LF: "Uh."
Me: "Left foot?"
LF: "Er."
Me: "Hello?"
LF: "No hablo ingles."

--lampbane, on seeing the podiatrist after an accident last month.
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QWP. dwg on the object of a current art project, here:

I spent today figuring out how to keep a stylus in proportion. A Viking stylus, no less. It's kinda pretty, not the sort of thing you'd expect to rape your pencil tin and set the stationery cupboard on fire.