March 23rd, 2006

I am a girl of the future

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After reading a new manga, wolf_heart9 has some life lessons to share.

"4. Mosquitos are bad. Pregnant women are bad. Pregnant mosquito women are bad. Are we clear on this?

5. The children of the pregnant mosquito women are just as evil, if not moreso, as other children. At least, other children that are in movies and roleplaying games. And most real children (with a few exceptions). If your children start talking about wanting to go back into the womb, fire your doctor IMMEDIATELY! Trust me on this."
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My wife, sexyscholar made this post concerning the flap over the kiss scene in the next Harry Potter movie.

Why is "the kiss" such an event? I may have to read OotP again, but if my memory serves me well (with coffee and bagel) did we even see/read the kiss? Wasn't it kind of like:

Cho: "Wubba wubba wubba sob, I miss Cedric liek whoa."
Harry: "Yeah, Voldemort killed him and that sux0r. He was a good cha--ooh, you're under the mistlytoes!"
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Seelie and Unseelie

Jumping on the Snakes on a Plane bandwagon...

pghkitten expounds on Samuel L. Jackson's upcoming cinematic adventure in herpetological combat and its implications for the Harry Potter ficton:

"Snakes on a Plane!

It's brilliant! Just say it to yourself. I can't tell from the trailer whether it's supposed to be serious or a parody, but it looks godawful nonetheless. Godawful and good. If my eyes are not deceiving me, then Samuel L. not only fights a bunch of snakes, he actually uses a snake as a weapon to put the smackdown on another person. The snakes are his deadly adversary in this movie, and yet he still finds his way to beating up some poor guy...WITH A SNAKE! X-D The sight of that just convinces me even more that Samuel L. is the #1 badass in the whole world. And further convinces me that he MUST be cast to play Kingsley Shacklebolt in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...and that the script MUST be changed so he delivers a wicked beating to some Death Eater...with Nagini! It would be awesome! :-D"
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cleverusername2 observes:

I saw a guy the other day driving a big SUV who was talking on his cell phone and smoking. Now if he was only having a cup of coffee, eating pizza, adjusting his hair piece, watching TV and masturbating as well as driving he would have reached some kind of a male self-gratification nirvana. That would require Vishnu-like powers of multitasking, however.

I don't think "my squishy" is appropriate here...

Yesterday, riflop found out that there is a coyote loose in Central Park, right near where he's been jogging in the morning. He had this reaction to the news:

Not even a feral rabid raccoon, nor a wolf, but a coyote! The desert kind! How quaint! :)

I will name him Toothy. He and I shall run together, around the reservoir, and we shall frolic as the others scream in terror. :)
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Island Buoys
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(QWP. Original entry is here.)

It all suddenly starts to make sense to marnanel:

(11:05:52) marnanel: every time I get an LJ comment notification, tbird says "I think this is an email scam!"
(11:06:03) marnanel: Maybe it knows something I don't
(11:07:02) marnanel: Dear beloved, I am BRAD FITZPATRICK, late owner of DANGA.COM before the coup d'etat by SIX APART INCORPORATED. I have in my possession several PERMANENT ACCOUNTS which I wish to smuggle out of the country...
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I have been inspired by this post to share this glittery quote from impishflair (locked but QWP and edited slightly):

Glitter in my pants - and I love it!
I have glitter in my pants! I ripped the package open, and took out the letter, and had to go pee so I brought it with me into the potty... when I opened up the letter, all kinds of glitter (I think a whole jar-full at least!) glittered everywhere! And cus my pants were down around my ankles, teh glitter went in my pants too! And I'm not shaking it out either!

I'll have glitter kitty for days!

(okay not days but let's pretend)

And I just might shake some glitter into my pants tomorrow too. It's making me *that* happy!
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hot elephant - baseballchica03
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politics and genitals

docorion has some issues with current Republican policies as practiced in Massachusetts:

"For a conservative group which wanted to get government out of my life, the current government feels like it has its hands in my pants and is squeezing parts I once thought private."

Public entry, but still QWP
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QWP - Fanfic on Snakes on a Plane...!

At this point I'm speculating that Snakes on a Plane fanfic consists of the snakes finding their way onto other planes, perhaps even famous vessels in pop culture. Snakes on the Plane from Lost. Snakes on the Hindenburg. The Poseidon Adventure now with 500% more Snakes. Snakes on a Batplane. Snakes on Serenity. Snakes on a Decepticon. Snakes in a TARDIS. Wizards at Hogwarts Don't Know How Planes Work, Which is Just As Well Because They're Full of Snakes. Snakes on a Satellite of Love...and of Snakes.

--jim_smith, full post worth the giggle here.
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a new form of BOGO?

supremegoddess says in a response to stagger_lee77's question about losing her "lesbian credibility"...

Whenever a woman goes and buys something from the tools section at Sears or from Bass Pro Shops they can earn valuable points which can be used for discounts and freebies at any of your finer dyke outlets.

The original post (this is from the comments), is here. QWP, of course.
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Pinky Scumbag

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So claireweasely had a dream, right here. It involved Firefly. Needless to say she got distracted by something
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Bolded and italicised by me, just to make it clear what my brain finds funny

Not FLocked, but still QWP because I'm nice.

ETA: Okay, I should sleep before my grammar kills me. It was bolded and italicised BY me. Not for me.

Why I'd bold and italicise something for my own gratification is beyond me. I'm not normally "Oh, words, love me like that! Yeah, phraseology, do me harder!"