March 21st, 2006

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uranus_sama is living in Japan-the land of hot asian men, and she loves it!  (QWP) ( -Slightly edited by me.

And I saw two guys, lighter-than-usual chapatsu hair, cigarettes, black blazers, tight black jeans with holes in the legs, VERY skinny, walking in Shibuya... WHILE HOLDING HANDS!!!!! I could feel a whole new crop of eggs ripening just by THINKING about it.


Edallia goes to Hawaii!

Whole post can be found here, and is totally worth the click.


"The small child seated directly behind my mother bellowed another nonsensical phrase in a language that might or might not have been English and proceeded to thrash around in his seat like a dying swan. His parents attempted to distract him with homework problems, which is an example of poor conflict resolution, if you ask me."
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nuns = never not funny

djmrswhite -- who is by day a hilarious and astute film reviewer and columnist for and had this to say about cleaning house with his partner, moroccomole:
I'm good at editing unused things from the house. But it's like pulling teeth to get MM to part with anything. [...] When I prod him to discard stuff he's never used, or stuff he wants to keep because "it's a cool object," his defense is always, "My mother always gave away my toys to the nuns," which makes me think of a bunch of nuns playing Gnip Gnop.
Full post (and a very good blog to get to know) here.
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QWP, concerning oh-that-dumbass Bush:

Is it disturbing that I see the headline Bush: U.S. must resist temptation to quit Iraq, and I immediately think of G.W., wearing a cowboy hat and looking longingly at Iraq on a map, growling "Ah wish ah knew how to quit you"?

Props to yoshitsune for that little gem. Ah, Bushbashing.

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Often a good measure of how drunk a man has been can be gained from examining the sort of things he's acquired during the night. Beginner pissheads tend to pick up nothing worse than 20 B&H's and the occasional ugly woman; those of an intermediate level are more likely to wake up with road signs or (god help us all) a traffic cone.

We tried to steal a street.
- mock2 discovers his alcohol capacity and acquires a mysterious souvenier.
Manjoume Thunder // Chant!

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sassette726 voices her extreme hate of the fitting rooms at her job:

• When I say, "Hi, how are you?" the correct answer is not "eight!" or an indiscernable grunt as you shove past me trying to force your way past the locked fitting room doors like a retarded chimpanzee.

The whole thing can be found here and QWP. :)
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random_axe realizes something: (QWP)

"I knew I wanted to be happy. But what did that mean? How could I quantify happiness?

If I had all the money in the world, I'd be rich. If I had all the women in the world, I'd be popular. If I ruled all the world, I'd be powerful. If I could shove the whole world into a bottle, I'd be God. A host of interesting ideas, but would any of that fun be lasting enough for me to really call it contentment? satisfaction? Happiness?"

The whole post is something genius.

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Bush complaints

My friend chantingbrighid complains about Bush's policies and people who don't take action in this post, with this great gem:

he has no regard for the environment, seeing it not as the cradle sustaining human life, but a bank that he can draw from continuously and when everything falls to hell and the world vomits up the human race, he will have the money to have a little bubble orbiting from the money he made by destroying alaska...

The whole thing is a pretty good read, actually...