March 19th, 2006


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urbandivinity deserves a raise. Over on customers_suck, she describes just how merciless working at a grocery store can be.

"Before you can seize your intercom phone and beg, plead, and sob for help from ANY living soul that might be working within the store, you are assaulted by battlecries of untamed children with crusted mucus warpaint on their faces...Old women who try to gas you with their noxious, decrepit old smell masked by what can best be described as perfumes made of diarrhea and magnolias. Soccer moms beating you over the head with fruit snacks and ginumbous bottles of Gatorade for their horribly impatient spawns of satan. Coupons become like ninja stars, as the masses fling them at you in resent! Hurry up, peon! GIVE ME MY NICKEL DISCOUNT!"

The entire post is hilarious.
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this is about all I know about manga, too...

kadrin saves himself from an interesting typo (QWP):

Of all sweet words of tongue or pen, the awesomest are these: "hey, Phelan, that show you think is the coolest thing since the Magna Carta* just got a torrent for its second-season premiere".

*I originally typoed that as "Manga Carta", which is of course the document forbidding King John from nude magical girl transformations, and which sparked a battle scene in which it was later revealed that King John was using only 5% of his full power.

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The ever-brilliant mentalhygiene recounts his trip to Canada here (QWP):

Do not remember much of Thursday. I recall nearly crying while trying to find a bank, and being badly outsmarted by a coffee cup.

In my defense, the coffee cup was vastly more awake than I was.
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Ahiru & Fakir text

Pad facts! ...Commercial marketing is strange indeed.

From the author's notes on the bottom of this post (Avatar:TLAB almost-smutty fanfic above), muffytaj writes:

I have discovered that they print 'odd facts' on the back of pads. It's nice to know that they are trying to make everything fun and educational, but for some reason I just don't feel like hearing about who the shortest man is when I'm busy having the inner lining of my womb torn out.

Now hearing about how the shortest man met his painful demise, there's something I would be interested in right now...
sunday in the sunset leaves

the pot pours as it will?

So earlier today, I described a particularly odd dream (It's only ever the strange ones that stick, with me), which included "something about a collaborative effort between Robert Jordan and Arthur Dent."
While I still don't know what's up with that, it did get an amusing comment from randomfrog:

I can just see it: THE WHEEL OF TEATIME.
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