March 18th, 2006

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because i am getting tired of posting lupanotte's drunken shenanigans, i will simply urge everyone to go join drunk_writings. even if you don't drink, write, or ever combine the two, it's still worth it to read gems like tonight's.

for those who don't want to read it all, a general overview:
((note: it also helps if you've seen Boondock Saints. as i'm sure pretty much everyone in this community has.))

brumbys are from Australia yknow, but i dont know how the McManus twins got a horse from australia, only maybe the horse swam. OMG you know what i just realized . . mcmanus. mc ANUS. HAHAHHA. sorry.
. . .
anyway, Connor and Murphy go up to the bar and get some Guinness, because, we love stereotypes in the prons. then they drink alot and more than me in fact, if they tried to type the couldnt form coherent words.
. . .
and they taste like guiness and cigarettes but only they smell better, like boys who know how to smell good.
. . .
yknow, jazz is practicing german right now. it is odd, like a german fetish porn is going on in the background.
. . .
then they decide to go to canda whjere twincest is legal.

all of it here, including her drunken ramblings in the beginning. because they are just so much damned fun.
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yes. it's legal in canada.
because really, what isn't?
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Vendetta vs. Catcher in a knife fight.

mightygodking often has hilarious comments in his movie reviews, but the preface to his review of V for Vendetta had me chuckling... [Note: the link to the actual review *does* contain spoilers. You have been warned.]

First off, let me preface everything I say by first explaining that V For Vendetta is one of my favorite works of fiction ever. I first read it when I was fifteen or sixteen and it blew my mind, much like many others have had their mind blown by, for example, Catcher In The Rye. I, however, read V before I read Catcher, which is why I have never much cared for Holden Caulfield, who is a whiny bitch who does not stab anybody even once.
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The fear of Satan!

The link that was just posted here in a metaquote from this post has he_dreams_awake now aware of all the Satanic influences around him:

JK Rowling apparently uses Satanic colors[in her descriptions of things] to manipulate children.

Just... wow.

'Cause, you know, those writers ought to write books without using any colors at all, you see. Not like the things you see around you actually have color, right? It's all just an illusion cast by Satan to confound you. GAH! I just looked at the Start button on my desktop! It's "emerald green", "Satan's favorite color" that always "accompanies murder"! Gahhh, I've been CORRUPTED! Guess I'm done working for the day! I'd better never touch this thing again, lest I burn in forever hellfire!

Aww, crap! This text I'm typing right now? It's GRAY! *shudders.* The color that "signifies cancellation and stalemate"! No more update for Teh Neo! Bad evil color! Bad!

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open post, but I asked him first anyway.
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Context: That "Land war in Asia" Princess bride quote is mentioned in connection to Fire Lord Ozai in avatar_fans. impetusofadream:
*Conversation in Fire Lord Ozai's Chamber*
Minion: My lord are you sure we should start a land war in Asia?
Ozai:Of course, it's a brilliant idea.
Minion: But my lord...
Ozai: But what? *evil fire glare*
Minion: well, umm, that is...
Ozai: Spit it out!
Minion: *terrified* Well sir, is it not common knowledge that the most classisc blunder is getting involved in a land war in asia?
Ozai: Blunder? Inconcievable!! I am the Fire Lord. We are going to war!
Enter 2nd Minion: My Lord, Your Son has returned, he has captured the Avatar!
Ozai: Inconcievable!
Enter 3rd Minion: My Lord! Might I also add that you son seems to have married a waterbender in his absense!
Ozai: Inconcievable!
Enter 4th Minion: My Lord! Your son challenges you to an Agni Kai!
Ozai: Inconcievable!
1st Minion: You keep using that word -- I do not think it means what you think it means.
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caitie has some foreign policy complaints (QWP):

And besides that, it would be really really great if he could stop pissing off the part of the world that wants to blow us up. Because I really really would prefer not to be blown up.

Especially before Harry Potter 7 comes out. Not after either, but especially not before.
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In this post _stasha gives a review of the movie Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and its actors/director :

If she breaks her pact with Satan and goes for roles in decent horror films she could really take the genre by storm. Mr. Valentine, however, needs to go back to laying in graveyards or sacrificing goldfish to the Dark Lord.

Skip this. If you saw the trailer, you saw the movie. And if this is Satan's proudest moment as the director stated, the apocalypse is going to be a snoozefest.<./i>
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At long last, I saw Brokeback Mountain. And to be honest, I wasn't blown away. I think all the hype and expectation ruined it a little. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, I enjoyed it, Jake Gyllenhaal was a dream, Anne Hathaway OWNED (omg that wig those nails omg she was so camp). But I was more than a little put off by the fact that Heath Ledger was unable to move his face for the entire picture. He was all *BEATS CHEST* ME BIG TOUGH MAN. ME LIKE BEANS. ME FUCK JAKE GYLLENHAAL IN THE ASS. And the Violent Manly Sex? Made me go O_O. I mean yeah, it's understandable, but somewhat lacking in intimacy. It seemed more like Animal Planet than love. And they spent WAY too much time beating each other up. 'S like...I LOVE YOU. EXCEPT. WE CAN'T BE GAY. SO I'M GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.

- facemeetpalm
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O R&#39;LYEH?

Comparative hair

canadianevil makes the following observation here: (QWP, YMMV, YYY, TLA)

Just like my mother can relate everything to internet abuse, I can relate everything to my little brother's beard.

Seriously, people say Oliver Queen's beard is freakish and wrong, but his stupid goatee has nothing on the parasite attached to my brother's neck.
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